Loxone Smart Home App 7 with Autopilot Designer

Tyron Cosway
19th July 2016 in Technology

To coincide with the launch of Loxone Config 8, our most powerful Config to date, we’ve added two groundbreaking new features to our mobile app! Introducing Loxone Smart Home App 7 with Autopilot Designer and Expert Mode for smart home professionals!



Autopilot Designer: Even more smart home control via the App

The needs of those living in a Loxone Smart Home change over time and the home needs to adapt to those changes. With the new Autopilot Designer, adapting to those changes is now even easier!

The Autopilot Designer allows you to match a certain event (ie. sunset, or a certain lighting scene) with a specific action (ie. send you a notification, close the blinds, set the alarm and so on…)

Loxone Smart Home App 7 - Autopilot Generator

For example: Monitoring the garage door at dusk

You can create an Autopilot so that you are notified when the garage door is still open when the sun sets. Previously, you had to create a function block in the Config to realise this but now you can easily do this from the app.

Just how easy is it to create an Autopilot in the app? Watch this video to see for yourself:

Music Server Zone: Perfect sound now thanks to an equalizer

Providing an even better music experience. The music server zones now have a 10-band equalizer, so you can adjust the sound to suit your personal taste or the room it’s playing in.

To use the new equalizer, you’ll need to update the Loxone Music Server which can be done through the web interface.

Loxone Smart Home App 7 - Equalizer

For Smart Home Professionals: Expert Mode

Not only is our Loxone Config more powerful, but our Loxone Smart Home App is too. It now has Expert Mode! Users with administrator rights can now activate Expert Mode and change all settings and parameters in the Loxone Config directly in the app. This would be great for when you need to change the time-up and time-down settings for blinds, the countdown time for automatic lights, and more, all without opening Loxone Config!

Caution: Changing parameters and settings in Expert Mode should only be done by a Loxone Partner or experienced users.

Loxone Smart Home App 7 - Expertenmodus

Free Download

Get the Loxone Smart Home App 7 on your smartphone! The latest version is available as a free download from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store!

To make use of the new Autopilot Designer and Expert Mode you will need to have also downloaded the new Loxone Config 8. Contact your Loxone Partner if you need to update the system in your home.