Lovedon Fields
by HAB Housing

Lovedon Fields is a collection of beautiful three, four and five-bedroom custom build homes in the village of Kings Worthy, near Winchester, created by Kevin McCloud’s HAB Housing. Unlike a typical new housing development, Lovedon Fields offers buyers a chance to ‘custom build’ their home – choosing layouts and design features that suit their lifestyles and families.

CGI images used with the kind permission of John Pardey Architects and Urban 3D

About HAB

HAB stands for Happiness Architecture Beauty, values that the company hold dear. Set up by Kevin McCloud in 2007, HAB Housing seeks to challenge the way identikit volume housing is built in the UK. The homes and places they build respect the local context and biodiversity; are firmly rooted in history, landscape and the community; and are sustainable, beautiful and a pleasure to live in.

Welcome to Lovedon Fields

Sitting on the edge of the historic village of Kings Worthy, Lovedon Lane is charming both in name and in location. Just two miles from the cathedral city of Winchester, often voted one of the best places to live in the UK, Lovedon Fields is a brand new development from HAB Housing that truly offers its homebuyers the ‘best of everything’ – convenient location, beautifully designed homes and a development that’s been carefully designed to offer its residents a community feel. Lovedon Fields boasts sports facilities, allotments, wildflower meadows and a village green.

The homes themselves don’t disappoint, either. Custom build options on the site mean that new homeowners can choose the layouts that best suit them – with open plan kitchens and bedroom configurations just two of the options available.

The Site

There are 50 homes at Lovedon Fields, and the site is comprised of eight different house types:

The Corner House

The Chimney House

The T-House

The Long House

The Short House

The Gallery House

The Snug House

The Pavilions

The different house types boast some fantastic features including generous rooftop terraces and balconies with views over the park, log burners and underfloor heating.

Buyers can further make the house their own by specifying their preferred layout. This is something that makes the development particularly attractive to buyers. Being able to specify the number of bedrooms required means that buyers have a home that works for them whichever stage of life they may be at – smaller children’s bedrooms can be removed to allow for a larger master bedroom which is ideal for buyers who may only have occasional overnight guests. There are also options to open up areas downstairs for those who prefer more open plan spaces for entertaining.


As you’d expect from a company with Kevin McCloud at its helm, the interior of these homes has not been an afterthought. HAB Housing worked together with John Pardey Architects to inject a real sense of luxurious living – from high ceilings and an overabundance of glazing to cosy reading nooks, split level ground floors and rooftop terraces looking out across the park.

Buyers can also look forward to highly energy efficient homes.  All the homes at Lovedon Fields will benefit from energy efficient timber frame building systems and will also generate a significant proportion of their electricity via the solar PV panels on the roof. Both of these will result in significantly lower running costs, and the homes themselves are just part of the wider approach HAB takes to low energy use across the scheme.

Built For The Future

That’s not all though. As you may have already guessed, these homes are also Loxone Smart Homes.

Multi-zoned heating offers both enhanced comfort and increased energy efficiency – residents can benefit from automatic heating schedules to ensure different zones within the home are always at just the right temperature. The heating will also lower automatically when the house is empty to maximise energy savings further.

In addition to intelligent heating systems, these homes will have smart lighting. Lights will be brought on automatically when someone enters a room and switch off behind them. Of course, there are times when you may want a little more light, so Loxone Touch switches have been installed to offer a convenient way to adjust the lights manually. The contemporary design of the Loxone Touch Tree lends itself to these standout homes.

Smart security brings peace of mind that even when the owners are out, the house is on the alert for would-be intruders. Residents can use the Loxone app to check in on their homes at any time when they’re away from home.

All of these smart features have been implemented using Loxone Tree technology.

Loxone Tree

Loxone Tree technology is based on a flexible, open wiring topology. This means that devices can be wired on a room by room basis, allowing homebuilders to create a customised wiring structure for their homes that offers simplicity, flexibility and reduced installation times.

Loxone Tree is an innovative concept: it offers up to an 80% reduction in cabling requirements when compared to a ‘star’ wired smart home system. This, in turn, reduces costs as installation time is vastly reduced.


HAB takes great pride in creating homes that reflect the surrounding landscape. This is not your average new housing estate; careful consideration has been given to the ‘what happens next’ phase when the walls are up, the windows are in, and the keys have been handed over to their eager new owner.

The families moving into the 50 new homes at Lovedon Fields can look forward not only to a beautiful bespoke home but also a new community. As part of the development, the adjacent local park will double in size, and wider community facilities will be created including allotments, a new biodiverse country park area, and a circular running track.

The importance of nature and the local wildlife has been brought to the fore at Lovedon Fields, with spaces for swallows, slow worms, bats, hedgehogs and a wealth of insects incorporated throughout the scheme. Every home will get an integrated micro-habitat for bats, birds or even the honeycomb-like Bee Bricks to help house the pollinators of the wildflowers in the new parkland. The garden hedges and fences have been designed to provide ‘hedgehog highways’, something younger residents will no doubt find very exciting.

All Homes Reserved

The homes have been incredibly popular; every single home is now reserved.

Commenting on the sales success, HAB’s Head of Communications and Sales, Simon McWhirter, said:

“We’ve been inundated with buyers here, and the core custom build message has gone down incredibly well. That buyers can choose internal layouts and finishes to suit their family and lifestyle – not being forced to simply accept an off-the-shelf design. With just two to go, we’re very much on the search for new site opportunities in the area as clearly the local custom build market is really strong,”

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