#LiveInstall meets Loxone

Tyron Cosway
20th June 2016 in Backstage

Great news! There is a #LiveInstall meets Loxone event coming up on Monday 18th July.

The last time we hosted this meet­up it was a great opportunity for those in the smart home automation industry to get together, chat about their projects, share knowledge with, and get advice from others in the business. It’s an event where you can get your smart home automation questions answered, learn more about the #LiveInstall community, and get more info about Autopilot Living with Loxone.

#LiveInstall is an online community for people in the smart home industry, built on installers sharing info with and helping other installers. It brings a fresh perspective to the home automation industry. The community live tweets installations raising the profile of the smart home industry, both in the UK and worldwide, via @LiveInstall and #LiveInstall.

It will take place from 10:30 to 16:00 on Monday 18th July at Loxone UK’s basecamp in Reading.

Here is what we’ll cover on the day:

  • ­ Welcome and introduction with Loxone & LiveInstall
  • ­ Tech based presentation/workshop with Loxone (and a chance to win!)
  • ­ State of the Industry workshop with LiveInstall
  • ­ The Retrofit Smart Home presentation and discussion with Loxone & LiveInstall
  • ­ Go Big or Go Home discussion with Loxone & LiveInstall


Plus, put your skills to the test in a wiring challenge and you could WIN a Loxone Tree Starter Kit!

Be sure you bring your laptop along so you can play around with some of our new equipment! It’s a great opportunity to check out our new Demo Case and find out more about Loxone Tree.

But what if I get hungry while I’m playing with the new tech? No worries, we’ll have food and drinks on standby to keep you going.

So if you are a smart home automation enthusiast, an existing installer, or someone in the business that wants to know more then please join us for this FREE daytime event. Spaces are limited so please head on over the event page on Eventbrite by clicking on the button below to let us know that you’ll be attending. Places are limited.

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