Tree Diagnostics


You can easily detect cabling issues by observing the LED on a Tree device itself.  If the device has an orange flash, it means the cabling is ok and that the device just hasn’t been learned in.

If the device has a red connection then the device doesn’t have a connection to the Miniserver so you need to check your tree branch’s cabling.

In order to be able to examine the communication on the individual tree branches, there is tree diagnostics in the Config. For this, you can use the diagnostics to analyse cabling problems quickly and easily.


The diagnostics dialogue lists all connected devices.

The colours green, yellow and red indicates the communication status of the Tree devices.

Green Communication is fine
Yellow Some communication issues. Some data is lost. Check the wiring. Typical causes: loose connection, cable has been cut, cable length is greater than 500 and/or the cable is not suitable.
Red No communication with this device is possible. Check the wiring. Typical causes for this are: break in the cable , reversed polarity on the device.