Touch Pure Tree


The Loxone Touch Tree (Gen. 2)  has five touchpoints for operating the most important functions of a room. The Loxone Touch Tree uses the Loxone touch standard.
There is also a temperature and humidity sensor built into the Touch Pure Tree to help with room climate control. There is also a backlight to help with locating the switch in dark lighting conditions.

Technical data

Please note that due to the closed housing of the Touch Pure Tree rapid changes in humidity may not be detected. For faster detection of changes in humidity (e.g. ventilation control), we recommend the room comfort sensor.


Touch Tree

Touch Pure Tree

Attach the mounting frame to the desired installation location. Then connect the power supply (orange/white terminal) and the tree data lines (green/white terminal):


Touch Tree

Touch Pure Tree

After switching on the power supply, the status LED flashes orange after a short time if the wiring is correct and the connection to the Miniserver is established (tree extension is online).
Fix the device by snapping it onto the mounting frame.

Pairing devices

For information on how to pair a Tree device, please see this page here.


After pairing the device, a combined T5 input is available for use within Loxone config that uses the Loxone Touch standard. The combined temperature & Humidity sensor is also available for use.

The 5 touchpoints of the touch can also be displayed as individual inputs by ticking their respective box. On the Touch Pure Tree, the backlight is also available as a digital output. If the box “Audible Acknowledgement” is activated, a short acoustic signal sounds with every click.


Datasheet for the Touch Pure Tree Gen. 2