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Brief: I want a smart metering and billing system for water, energy, etc.

Water, heating, electricity, gas, etc these are resources that every household has. They’re also, unfortunately, bills that every household has. However, everyone’s usage varies and therefore the companies who provide these resources need to know how much you’ve used.

Since most metering systems do not have the ability to remotely submit data, an in-person meter reading has to be arranged – usually during the workday.  For most people, these appointments are therefore a real nuisance. Appointments are often forgotten or have to be cancelled at short notice. Then another date as to be arranged.

This also applies to rented apartments, of course. Here, the issue can become even more complicated because the person doing the meter-reading has to physically enter each apartment. It can take a long time to collect all of the data. This eats up resources unnecessarily and causes frustration – for tenants, landlords and meter reading service. It would be far more beneficial for everyone involved if a smart metering system could be set up to avoid all of the hassle.

Solution: Using Loxone for as a smart metering system.

A smart metering system offers automated collection of billing-relevant data with the ability to automatically pass that data on. With Loxone such a system can be implemented easily.

In order to be able to collect billing-relevant data, every household must be equipped with a MID certified Modbus meter. (MID is the Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC – MID for short – of the European Union).

In combination with a Modbus Extension, the Miniserver can collect and store all billing-relevant data and display it as a graph in the Loxone App.

If the Miniserver has an active internet connection, the collected data can automatically be sent to wherever it needs to go – i.e. to the billing company.



Smart Metering and billing system - Loxone Config Screenshot

Smart Metering System - Loxone Config Screenshot

Download the sample file:

Metering and Billing


Why you and your customer should consider Loxone for a smart metering system?

Most metering systems for electricity, water, etc. are conventional meters without an external connection. In order to be able to collect the data needed for accurate billing, an on-site appointment is necessary – usually during working hours.

For many people, these appointments are a great nuisance – they’re not necessarily at home at the proposed time and therefore have to take time off or make arrangements with neighbours.

With Loxone and a MID certified Modbus meter, the whole process can be automated by collecting and sending billing-relevant data completely automatically.

This can be especially helpful in large apartment blocks. However, the solution is also great for private landlords who are renting one or a few apartments across several properties.

Whatever the arrangement, a smart metering system makes life easier for everyone involved.

What’s more, since the app not only shows current values but also statistics of past consumption, transparent and traceable billing is guaranteed.

Beyond the pure easy of this solution, landlords can also save the cost of a meter reading service.


Local regulations and standards need to be observed. The contents of this page make certain installation assumptions. The information herein does not replace the contextual know-how of a Loxone Partner. As a professionally-installed solution, please consult with a Loxone Partner to realise any of the functionality listed in this Use Case.

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