Skylight Shades

Controls the shading for a skylight

Table of Contents


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionUnitValue Range
TrTriggerTrigger for single button control.Digital-
UpTrigger UpRoll up with minimum travel time.
Double-click or long click generates a complete trip.
DwTrigger DownRoll down with minimum travel time.
Double-click or long click generates a complete trip.
CuComplete roll upComplete roll up with the time of parameter Tu.Digital-
CdComplete roll downComplete trip down with the time of parameter Td.Digital-
IdDoor ContactComplete up movement and locks function block. Operation via App is still possible.Digital-
SpSafety PositionMove to safety position (Parameter SO) and lock function block.
Operation via App is still possible.
StStopStop the movement and lock the block.
As long as this input is ON, no movement is possible.
AIpManual PositionManual Position%0...100
T5Combined button inputComplete roll UP or DOWN.-
DisLock inputsLocks all function block inputs.
Operation via the app is still possible.
SAwningMoves to the shading position (parameter Ps).Digital-
ASActivate AutomationActivate automatic shading.Digital-
ADDeactivate AutomationDeactivate automatic shadingDigital-
ARReactivate AutomationReactivate automatic shadingDigital-


AbbreviationDescriptionUnitValue Range
Q↑Upward Movement This output is only visible in certain configurations.Digital-
Q↓Downward Movement This output is only visible in certain configurations.Digital-
AQpCurrent position of the shading-0...1
QsStatus of safety shutdown input Sp or door contact
0 = No safety shutdown active.
1 = Input SP of the block or a linked central block is active.
2 = Door contact is active.
QlStatus of the lock with input StDigital-
QaStatus of the automatic shading.
This input is active if all preconditions for automatic shading are met.
The automatic position is automatically approached as soon as the calculated time has been reached.


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionUnitValue RangeDefault Value
SOSafety shutdown positionPosition when activating the safety input Sp.
Value 0: Fully open,
Value 1: Close completely.
TuOutput pulse open completelyTime for a complete drive up.s0...∞75
TdClose the output pulse completelyTime for a complete lowering of the blindss0...∞75
TIMotor LockTime for motor lock when changing directions0...∞0.5
TdcTime for double-clickA double-click on the inputs Up or Down within this time produces a complete trip.s0...∞0.3
TcTime for long clickA long click on the inputs Up or Down generates a complete trip for this time.s0...∞3
Mminimum travel timeMinimum travel time at pulse on input Up or Downs0...∞0.4
AmAutomatic ModeValue 0: Disable automatic mode if closed.
Value 1: Automatic mode always allowed.
AeAutomatic mode final stateCondition at normal end of automatic shading:
0: no action
1: Complete roll up
2: Complete Roll Down
DCompass orientationAlignment of the window
0: North, 90: East, 180: South, 270: West
If the value is less than 0, autopilot shading is not possible.
DTOrientation tolerance startDirectional tolerance for autopilot shading startº0...9085
DTeOrientation tolerance endDirectional tolerance for the end of automatic shadingº0...9085
IPitchRoof or window pitch in degrees
0: horizontal, 90: vertical
Ta1Automatic Shading Start TimeStart time of the automatic shading relative to the sunrisemin-90...9030
Ta2Automatic Shading End TimeEnd time of the automatic shading relative to the sunsetmin-90...90-30
PsShading PositionShading position in % with automatic mode activated%0...10080

Lock function block

There are various options to locking the function block. Priority in descending order: Input ST active: any movement is stopped and further operation via logic (block inputs) or App is deactivated. Input SP active: Movement to safety position. Block inputs and complete movements in the App are deactivated. Input Id active: Complete up movement. Commands via central function blocks are disabled, block inputs and operation via App are permitted. Input Dis active: Complete up movement. Block inputs are disabled, operation via App is permitted.