RGBW 24V Compact Dimmer

Quick Start Guide

Technical Data

Compact Dimmer Air Compact Tree
Power supply 12…28VDC SELF
Power consumption typ. < 150mW
max. 200W @24V
Channels 4 PWM Channels
Max 2.1A per channel
Max cable length to LEDs 30m
Ambient temperature 0…55°C
Relative humidity 95% r.H
IP rating IP20
Maintenance None required – clean with a dry wipe cloth.
Dimensions 136x36x23mm
Frequency 868MHz (SRD Band Europe)
915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)


Power Supply:

Compact Dimmer Air Compact Dimmer Tree
To install the Compact Dimmer Air, connect the power supply (Green Terminal). To install the Compact Dimmer Tree, connect the power supply (Left Green Terminal) and the Tree Bus (right green terminal). We recommend the Loxone Tree Cable for wiring the Compact Dimmer Tree
Use the supplied cable ties as strain relief for the power (and data) cable(s) & the LED cables.


The Compact Dimmer can be easily attached to the desired surface by means of the two recesses. The device should never be mounted without the two cover caps, these protect the device from dust and mechanical damage. the covers are each fastened with the two screws supplied.

Pairing Tree:

 For a detailed description of how to pair Tree devices, see here.

Pairing Air:

For a detailed description of how to pair Air devices, see here.