Pulse at

The Pulse at block provides a pulse with adjustable length at the set time.

A specific time or date can be selected in the block, as well as events such as sunrise, dusk, or hour pulse, month pulse, etc.

The time setting can be changed via the user interface.

Table of Contents


Abbreviation Summary Description
R Reset Disables the block


Abbreviation Description
Q Digital output, provides a pulse according to parameters


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range Default Value
Rem Remanence input Remanence input: If active, the function block retains its previous state after a Miniserver reboot. - - 0
T Pulse duration [s] Duration of the pulse in seconds {s] s 0...∞ 1


Summary Description Default Value
Pulse Selection of when the pulse is to be output. -
Time Time at which the pulse is created
Format hh:mm:ss
One Off Pulse One off pulse on a specific date
Only available for certain time functions (e.g. Pulse at Sunset).
If unticked, the pulse is created every day or every time the selected time function is activated.

Basic Programming

After adding the block, a time function can be selected in its properties.
When setting a specific time, it is entered in the format hh:mm:ss.
The pulse is executed daily, also when time functions such as sunrise are selected.

Time functions, describing an interval other than daily (e.g. Minute pulse), provide the pulse at the interval of their name.

If the option one-time pulse is selected, then a date must also be set. The pulse will then be executed only once on the set date.
This option is not available for all time functions.

In the following example, the function block is used to send a daily pulse to the Automatic Blinds block to open the blinds in the morning: