The Presence block combines devices and logic that indicate presence in a room. Loxone sensors such as Touch devices, Door and Window Contacts, and Motion and Presence Sensors are supported.

The desired devices for presence detection can be assigned in the block settings. Additional sensors or logic can be connected via the block inputs.

Every button click on a Loxone Touch activates or extends the presence, as well as detected motion and every change of state of window contacts.

The block supports the Presence Detection in the Loxone Desktop App.

Table of Contents


IActActivateActivates presence on rising edge. On falling edge the overrun timer TH starts. Continuous ON and each falling edge extends the presence.
IExtExtendAs long as the input is active, already active presence is extended. On falling edge, the overrun timer TH starts.
TrTriggerEach change at the input activates or extends the presence. Continuous ON is not interpreted.
RResetDeactivates the presence and blocks the function block


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionValue Range
PBinPresence statusCombined presence output (Bitmask).
QPrPresencePresence active.-
QPrOnPresence startedPulse when presence is started.-
QPrOffPresence endedPulse when presence is ended.-
AQtPrPresence durationDuration of the current presence period.
QWarnSwitch-off warningWarning pulse before end of presence-


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionUnitValue RangeDefault Value
THTHOverrun time for interaction, Loxone's Presence Sensors adopt this overrun time.sec2...∞-
TWarnTWarnTime of the switch-off warning before the end of presence.s2...∞-


SummaryDescriptionValue RangeDefault Value
Number of entriesMaximum number of saved messages or notifications.1...5020
ConfigurationConfiguration of selected Inputs and Outputs.--

Combined presence output

The combined presence output is similar to the T5 and contains a range of information in the form of a bitmask:

Bit 0: Presence active
Bit 1: Motion active
Bit 2: Switch-off warning

Example for analog values:

0: no presence
1: Presence active
2: Motion active
3: Presence + Motion
5: Presence + switch-off warning