Operating Times

The operating times tool allows you to activate operating modes over a period of time using the visualisation.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneTo create an operating mode schedule requires administrator rights.


To create a new operating time, click the three lines in the lower right corner, then click on “Operating times”.

A new operating time can be added with the green plus labeled “New Entry”.

You must first create a name for the new operating time.

In this case, we create an operating time for the summer holiday.

The second line “Operation mode” can be used to select all available operating modes. This is then activated at the desired time.

The selection for the duration of the operating time takes place in the third line. For our summer holiday we use a “time span”.

The start and end time can be used to define the time span from when the operating mode is activated.

Finally, save the settings with the tick in the upper right corner.

The new operating time is now stored in the overview of operating times.

If you click on an operating time you can edit or delete it.