Music Overview


With this block, you can control all music server zones from one block.


By double-clicking on the block you will open this window:

You can select the select the Music Server Zones that are to be controlled by this overview and can then be passed commands from the block or user interface.

Overview commands are also not blocked by an active Dis input on the respective module. The Dis input only refers to the input connections on the left side of the blocks themselves. The function blocks can still be operated via the app and the overview block.

If a function block is used in the overview, this is indicated by the central symbol in the respective module. In addition, the device name in which it is used is specified.


AbbreviationSummaryDescriptionUnitValue Range
TrTrigger ZoneSingle pulse switches zone On and OffDigital0/1
OnSingle pulse turns zone onDigital0/1
OffSingle pulse turns zone offDigital0/1
V+Volume upSingle pulse to turn volume up Double click selects the next source / zone favouriteDigital0/1
V-Volume downSingle pulse to turn volume down Double Click turns zone offDigital0/1
AIvVolume levelAnalogue Input – Value for volume level0…100
S+Next Source / Zone FavouriteSingle click selects next source / zone favouriteDigital0/1
AIsSource / Zone FavouriteAnalogue Input – Value to select source / zone favourite
PlayStart playbackSingle pulse starts playbackDigital0/1
PausePause playbackSingle pulse to pause playbackDigital0/1
StopStop playbackSingle pulse stops playbackDigital0/1
NextNext trackSingle pulse skips to next trackDigital0/1
PrevPrevious trackSingle pulse skips to previous trackDigital0/1
ShuffleShuffleWhen ON shuffle state is activeDigital0/1
RepeatRepeatAnalogue Input – Value to indicate repeat state 0 = Off, 1 = Repeat playlist forever, 2 = Repeat playlist once0…2
T5Combined button inputTouch Input (T5) – Mimics behaviour of V+ and V- inputs using T5 top right and bottom right. Double-click on central button (I3) switches off the zone (see parameter Roff) May only be connected to the T5 input of a Touch Air, Remote Air or Touch Tree
RResetSingle pulse resets outputs and turns the zone offDigital0/1
DisDisableChild lock – Locks inputs but not App/Web Interface.Digital0/1
DisMDisable Motion Sensor ‘Mv’When ON disables input Mv onlyDigital0/1
AAlarm inputWhen On activates playback of burglar alarm with the volume set in parameter Va Whilst the alarm input is active, all other inputs are disabledDigital0/1
FAFire AlarmWhen On activates playback of fire alarm with the volume set in parameter VaDigital0/1
BeDoorbell inputWhen On activates playback of doorbell with the volume set in parameter VbeDigital0/1
BuAlarm clock inputWhen on activates playback of alarm clock with the volume set in parameter VbuDigital0/1
SleepSleep timer inputWhen ON the zone is muted and switched off (After the countdown of the duration specified in Ts) If the input is set to Off during the sleep countdown the sleep timer will be canceledDigital0/1