LED Pendulum Slim Tree

Quick Start Guide

Technical Data

LED Pendulum Slim Tree
Power Supply 21.6V…25.2DC SELV
Power Consumption max. 19.3W
Power Consumption per Channel (max.) Red: 1.5W
Green: 4.8W
Blue: 1W
Warm White: 12W
Operating Temperature 0…55°C
Relative Humidity 95% r.H
Protection Rating IP20
Maintenance No Maintenance Necessary. Clean with a damp cloth.
Maximum Height
(From Ceiling to lower edge of Pendulum Luminare)

Power Supply:

LED Pendulum Slim Tree
For installation, connect the 24V Power Supply (orange/white cable) and the Tree Bus (green/green-white cable) to the LED Pendulum Slim Tree. We recommend the Loxone Tree Cable for wiring the LED Pendulum Slim Tree.


To mount the LED Pendulum Slim Tree, attach the mounting plate to the desired surface using the screws supplied. The LED Pendulum Slim Tree has two strain reliefs, one of which is attached directly to the mounting plate and another which is used for fine-tuning the cable length. Finally, the cover is simply screwed onto the mounting plate.

Pairing Tree:

For more detailed information on pairing Tree devices, see here.