LED Ceiling Light

Quick Start Guide

Technical Data

Ceiling Light Air Ceiling Light Tree
Power Supply 240VAC. 50/60Hz 24VDC SELV
Power Consumption max. 24W max. 20.5W
Operating Temperature 0…55°C
Relative Humidity 95% r.H
IP Rating IP20
Cleaning No Maintenance necessary. Clean with a damp cloth.
Dimensions Ø295x52mm
Dimming 0…100% 0…100%
PWM Frequency 123Hz 123Hz
Frequency 868MHz (SRD Band Europe)
915MHz (ISM Band Region 2)
Motion Sensor
Range 8m at an installation height of 3m
Coverage 360°
Viewing Angle 110°
Brightness Sensor 0.045…188,000lux

Power Supply:

Ceiling Light Air Ceiling Light Tree
For installation, connect L, N, and PE to the Ceiling Light Air using the supplied terminal. For installation, connect the 24v power supply (Green Terminal) and the Tree Bus (Green/White Terminals) to the Ceiling Light Tree. We recommend the Loxone Tree Cable for wiring the Ceiling Light Tree.


The Ceiling Light is held to the mounting plate by three strong magnets. Securely fasten the mounting plate to the desired surface using the screws supplied. For safety reasons, never mount the Ceiling Light without a safety connection (as shown) between the mounting plate and the device.


Pairing Tree:

 For a detailed description of how to pair Tree devices, see here.

Pairing Air:

For a detailed description of how to pair Air devices, see here.

Housing Temperature (Tc-Point)

Ceiling Light Air Ceiling Light Tree
Tc Max.: 70°C