• Technical spec
  • Installation
  • Extension configuration
  • DALI device create


  • 1 X DALI gateway
  • Configuration via Loxone link
  • connected via Loxone link
  • Dimensions 35.5 x 88 x 57mm (2TE)
  • Protection IP20
  • Ambient temperature: 0-55*C
  • Power supply 24V DC
  • Switchable 16VDC supply for connected DALI devices
  • Power consumption max 3.2W at 64 devices
  • IEC 62386-101:2009
  • Up to 64 DALI devices
  • Up to 16 DALI groups

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneDALI types 0, 3 and 6 are tested and supported.
DALI type 8 and DALI scenes are not supported.


Dali Extension Layout


  • DALI extension mounted on DIN rail
  • Do not power with 24V DC until the installation is complete
  • Connect Loxone link
  • Attention – The last device on the Loxone link will require a 120Ω resistor (included with the Miniserver)
  • Power up 24V DC power supply
  • Blink states of the device LED:
    Left LED flashes green after a few seconds if the DALI extension is already configured, orange if not.


  • The maximum voltage drop between the transmitter and actuator must not exceed 24V
  • The maximum cable length is 300m at 1.5mm2 conductors
  • For DALI installations both scheduled and star topology are possible, a ring topology must be avoided.
  • When using the maximum cable length it is not advised to install DALI in combination with power lines.


  • When an external power supply is used, the power for the DALI bus must be turned off in the properties of the DALI extension. Be sure to ‘save in miniserver’ to commit changes.
  • The voltage on the DALI bus is typically 16V
  • When external power supply is used be sure to observe correct polarity.


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Select the DALI extension in the periphery tree and click the ‘DALI search’ button.

Additional functions in the search of DALI devices:

  • “Load factory settings” – The DALI devices are in the search to the factory settings.
  • “Complete new installation” – All DALI devices are in finding new Addresses If the DALI device already has an available short address, it will be deleted. All short addresses will be deleted and reassigned.
  • “Visual confirmation” – DALI device light up when they were found. If connecting to an existing DALI installation all devices and settings will also be found on the DALI search.

If a Dali installation is extended by a Dali-device, already installed address ranges will be taken in to consideration. In this free Dali addresses for the new Dali devices will be assigned. The condition is that the newly added Dali devices still have no address, otherwise there will be an address conflict. If in doubt, a search should be conducted with “complete reinstallation”.

The additional options you typically use at a new installation or address conflicts

In a new Dali installation use the search option: “Complete new installation” so that Dali devices are assigned an address. If an address conflict is found between two or more Dali devices “complete reinstallation” should be executed. The Dali addresses are reassigned.

Highlight the device and enter a name, then oh click on “Create device”.

Dali Device

The DALI device will now appear in the peripheral window and can be used for programming. The following two items are available:

  • “Actor” = dimming value of the DALI device
  • “Fault” = Fault input of Dali devices

With the fault signal lamp faults are output from Dali devices. Possible Errors are no lamps used or defective lamps in the DALI device.

Selecting a taught in DALI device in the periphery tree will flash selected lights every 5 seconds. With this, identifying devices is easy.

In the properties of the DALI device you can adjust the following settings:

  • Min / Max limits the DALI device” In the DALI search the minimum and maximum limits of the DALI devices are detected. These values indicate minimum and maximum dimming of DALI devices. You can adjust the limits manually
  • Dimming value at supply” This percentage is set when the supply voltage is applied. This value must be greater than the minimum limit and less than the maximum limit.
  • Dimming on system failure” This percentage is set when a system error. This value must be greater than the minimum limit and less than the maximum limit.
  • Increase” rate of change in percent per second jump means the target is driven immediately

Be sure to “Save In Miniserver” so changes are saved in the DALI devices.


Using DALI groups will allow control of multiple devices in parallel. This can be used for central functions for example.

When programming the DALI devices existing group assignments will automatically create groups.

To create a new group you must first learn in the new DALI devices.

In the properties of the group you can select all learned DALI devices OR select the groups from the Dali device itself:

The group actuator can now be used in programming.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneIf several Dali luminaires are controlled at the same time, a Dali group is recommended. This offers the advantage that the programming is clearer and there is no time delay when dimming the lights.


With the DALI monitor you can trace the communication between the DALI devices and the DALI extension. To activate the monitor, click the checkbox “Launch DALI monitor and display”

In the monitor next to the name of the device and the values sent even the DALI commands can be seen. The DALI commands are defined in IEC 62386-102.

Here is an excerpt of the most important commands:

DIRECT_ARC_POWER is dimming sent (0-255)
CMD_QUERY_X  a record is retrieved from the DALI Dimmer

The following commands are used in the DALI search and addressing:

SEARCH_ADDR_H With SEARCH_ADDR_X the current Web address is set



With SEARCH_ADDR_X the current Web address is set

COMPARE Calls on the dimmer on to compare the own random number with the current search address

WITHDRAW Dimmer found is subtracted from the search

PROG_SHORT_ADR the DALI short address is stored in the dimmer

VERIFY_SHORT_ADR the DALI short address of the dimmer is checked

TERMINATE Search operation is terminated