The calendar allows functions to be started on a certain day. For example vacations can be set up so that automatically the heating in the house goes to Away mode the day you leave so you don’t even have to think about pressing the one button on your app to turn your Loxone house off!

The calendar already has many country dependent holidays programmed in as well so these are easily added.

This webpage gives you more information on the calendar and how to use it. See also the page Operating modes for detail on using the calendar for heating etc.


There are a list of pre-defined calendars for many countries with country specific holidays already set up as entries. To add a calendar in go to the Periphery tab and select the Common drop down list. If you hover over Calendar you will see the list of countries. For some countries there are also individual states available.

Setting Up Calendar In Loxone Config

The pre-configured calendar entries are now listed in the Periphery tree.

Loxone Config Showing Calendars In the Periphery Tree


Navigate to the Periphery tab up the top of the Loxone Config window and choose the Common drop down list. You will see Calendar entry. Click this and you will then see the new entry in the Periphery window next to the page.

Example Screenshot Of Adding A Calendar Entry In Loxone Config


The calendar entry we created is called “Winter mode”. Through this entry an operating mode is started – in this case the Winter mode (see the page Operating modes for more information). You can now choose how and when the entry is to be repeated and if you choose a time period option you can define this below.

Example Screenshot Of Editing A Calendar Entry In Loxone Config