Alarm Siren

Quick Start Guide

Technical specifications

Alarm Siren AirAlarm Siren Tree
Power supply18 … 28VDC SELV
Power consumptiontyp. 65mW
max. 2.6W
typ. 45mW
max. 2.6W
Ambient temperature-40 … 55 ° C
Alarm outputsAudible and visual alarm (flashing light)
93dB over 1m
83.5dB over 3m
Protection classIP44
(only when mounting on the wall)
CleaningNo maintenance necessary. Clean with a dry cloth.

Power supply:

Alarm Siren AirAlarm Siren Tree
The power supply is connected to the Alarm Sirene Air using 3M clamp terminals. The wires must be clamped with the insulation.The power supply and Loxone Tree are connected to the Alarm Siren Tree using 3M clamp terminals. The wires must be clamped with the insulation. Use ourTree Cable for wiring .


The device is mounted on an outer or inner wall in the protected area. The supplied screws and dowels are for attachment. Through the rear cable entry, the cables for supply and Tree are passed (in an alarm siren tree). The cables are then connected to the cables in the alarm siren using the enclosed 3M clamps. The contact that detects if the alarm has been tampered with is triggered by removing the front cover as well as by disassembling the device itself.

Commissioning Tree:

A detailed description of the commissioning of a Tree device can be found here.


Commissioning Air:

A detailed description of the commissioning of an air device can be found here.

Loxone Config:


NamedescriptionTypevalue range
The maximum duration of alarmMaximum duration for the alarm in seconds (0 = no limit)Analogous


NamedescriptionTypevalue range
Tamper switchThis input is normally ON. If tampering is detected, this input turns OFF and a critical system status message is triggered simultaneously.Digital0/1
Online statusThis input is hidden by default and can be displayed via the properties of the device (“Select Display diagnostic inputs”).Digital0/1


designationdescriptionTypevalue range
alarm lightDigital output for the alarm lightDigital0/1
alarmDigital output for the alarm toneDigital0/1


After the alarm siren is inserted in the periphery, you can then run auto config. The inputs and outputs are automatically connected to the designated inputs and outputs of the alarm system.