Loxone and Kasita Aim to Change the Way We See Housing

Tyron Cosway
10th April 2018 in Backstage

At Loxone, we have one goal in mind; to transform the way people live in their homes. With our smart home technology, we are able to automate over 50,000 tasks every year for homeowners, taking care of lighting, HVAC, entertainment, security and more. As we see it, every home in the world will one day be a smart home.

We are proud to announce that we are one step closer to our goal, as Kasita, the revolutionary modular smart home manufacturer, has chosen to partner with Loxone in the US and integrate our energy-efficient, low-voltage lighting and smart home control system into the Kasita Home Automation system. This partnership between Loxone US and Kasita brings both companies core philosophies together to transform the way people live.

“Partnering with Loxone was a no-brainer for us at Kasita. Loxone’s forward-thinking mentality, open approach to integration, and willingness to innovate with us is exactly what we need when designing the house of the future.” Jason Jaynes, Kasita Head of Technology

At 374 sq ft, these sleek modular homes start at $89,000 and are now available for purchase. Though each is Kasita is upgradeable with optional finishings at three different price levels, the Loxone low-voltage lighting and smart home control system comes standard in every model. Key Loxone features included at additional price levels:

  • Damage protection against water, humidity, storm and fire damages.
  • Home monitoring for better security when owners are away.

“It just makes sense. Loxone creates real smart homes that simplify the lives of those that live in them, giving people more time to enjoy life. And Kasita aims to create a minimalist environment that not only greatly utilizes space, but simplifies the living experience. In this aspect, Loxone and Kasita go hand in hand.”  Florian Woess, Loxone US CEO

We are excited to be a part of the movement, and can’t wait to see Kasitas in every city around the world!

Learn more about Kasita on their website and stay tuned for more updates to come!