New: The Loxone IR Control Air – Control ANY Infrared Device!

Lucinda Wood
18th December 2014 in Technology

With the Loxone IR Control Air, each infrared device in your smart home is under your control. Manage devices such as your TV, home theater, heating/cooling, lighting and more! Expand the wireless opportunities in your smart home as 2015 approaches with Loxone Air technology!

Home Automation Made Easy

Loxone provides the solution to control all of your infrared devices. IR devices that are operated manually can now be automated and made smart with the Loxone IR Control Air.

Home Automation Made Easy

Easily Add Your IR Devices

Easily add TVs, audio receivers, heaters, air conditioning, lighting and more! Loxone provides the solution to control all of your infrared devices in your smart home!


Simple to Use and Navigate

After connecting your Loxone IR Control Air, your devices will be easy to control and manage. For instance, operate lighting scenes for movies and easily adjust temperatures in each room of your smart home.


Manage Home Features With Your Remote

Easily access and manage all of your IR home appliances and devices with the Loxone IR Control Air! Turn lighting on/off, switch lighting scenes, adjust room temperature and more.  The options are unlimited!

Connect With Loxone U.S!

Loxone continues to develop new products to improve smart home living as we enter 2015. Interested in adding home automation or doing business with Loxone? Learn more about our benefits in all areas below!

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