Home Automation Software at its best: say hello to Loxone Config 5!

Philipp Schuster
6th March 2014 in Technology

Two million lines of code, over 100 internal test versions and 1748 cups of coffee is what it took to get there. Our new Loxone Config 5 is the best home automation software of all time and boasts over 70 new features to make your home even smarter!

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The Highlights

Support for new products

Brand New Config 5 from LoxoneLoxone Config talks AIR – with this new version of Loxone Config your house will be ready to use our new wireless Loxone AIR products. Keep an eye out for them, they will be with you VERY soon…
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Modbus Extension – with a swift update your Miniserver will now be able to communicate with Modbus devices. Plug in our new Modbus Extension and get meter readings from your utility meters or even take control of devices, such as your heat pump or boiler. Get the Modbus Extension now and save 10% whilst this introductory offer lasts.

Easy integration of your PV panels

If you have an Ethernet enabled Fronius inverter, then an update of your Smart Home to run Loxone Config 5 will allow you to seamlessly integrate your PV installation with your Miniserver. No extra hardware required!

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New Cloud Services

Loxone Cloud DNS – With our new & free Cloud DNS service you can connect to your Smart Home remotely without requiring a fixed IP or any third party dynamic DNS services. Loxone Cloud Mailer – Let your house tell you “what’s occurring” with our Loxone Cloud Mailer service. This free service allows your Miniserver to send you emails to keep you informed about things at at home.

Further Features

  • Up to 60% Improved Performance: By fine-tuning our software and hardware to work together we were able to get even more power out of your Miniserver.
  • New Function Blocks: With new function blocks to integrate your Fronius PV inverter, launch apps on your phone and much more, Loxone Config 5 has a lot to offer right out of the box.
  • Updated Apps: To support the numerous new features we have also updated the visual assets in the web interface and apps.
  • New Media Client: The Media Client gives you direct control over your Loxone Music Server, allowing very straightforward integration of your multiroom audio system.
  • New Commissioning Mode: Test that all your wiring is correct directly from your iPad with the new commissioning mode!
  • 10 New Templates: From AV-Receivers, Modbus energy meters, all the way to your Kettle – Loxone Config 5 includes 10 new device templates to let you communicate to other manufacturers’ devices.

And there is sooooo much more… but rather than bore you with a very long list, why not just download Loxone Config 5 now?

PS: Many thanks to our Beta community. We would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your feedback and reports; your contributions, no matter how small, have helped us to create this new version of Loxone Config!