We’re helping you get the most out of your heating

Philipp Schuster
21st November 2012 in Technology

Our brand new config hasn’t been available for all that long and it’s already demonstrating to installers and users just how much energy can be really be saved with the Loxone Miniserver. Now Winter’s here, having the most efficient and cost-cutting way to heat your home can be a real Godsend.

 An investment in energy efficiency

Intelligent room control with Loxone is not a new thing, though. Before the recent software update it was possible to control individual rooms’ temperatures separately. This feature has been delighting families and massively improving their living conditions for some time now (especially when retrofitted in older, draftier and colder buildings). You can see just how well it can work in practice in our ‘Heating Home’ case study.

We’ve not only added numerous new features with this latest config, we’ve also evolved all of the existing features. Well, why not, eh?

Self-learning heating? Yep!

There’s nothing too smart about the way most people heat their homes. You set a time frame and temperature and gradually, at some point, the room comes up to the desired warmth. But with most heating systems being either too complicated or inflexible, adjustment is often not an option. Which means you end up unnecessarily heating an empty home. Not ideal. So why not look at the alternative…?

Loxone heating control – a revolution!

Say you’d like your living room to be a cosy 23°C when you get home from work. All you need to do is enter the time that you usually walk through the door. Your Loxone system will begin monitoring how long it takes the room to get up to that temperature. Based on the speed of your heating and current temperature in the room, it then intelligently senses when the optimal time for the heating to kick in is. It’s effectively ‘learning’ and creating the most efficient and effective schedule possible. With absolutely no waste or excess heat. And the best thing about it? You needn’t give it a second thought – it’s all entirely automatic! When you consider that just 1°C accounts for 6% of heating, you realise just how much energy and money can be wasted without intelligent heating control.

That’s not all though. There are plenty of other brilliant additional features that Loxone systems offer. And here are just a few of them:

Don’t throw heat out of the window

Ventilating a room? Say you want to air your bath or shower room… So you open a window for a while. There’s little point having the heating still going, is there? All you’re doing is paying for it to jump straight out of the window. With magnetic contacts on the window that detect opening, you can set your system up to temporarily turn your heating off. Then when you shut the window, the heating comes back on. It can also remind you if you forget to close the window again.

Never sit in the cold at home again!

So you’ve set up your heating on a timer. Very wise. After all, there’s no point in heating an empty house, is there? But what about when you’re at home at an unusual time? You’re freezing cold, right? Wrong! With motion sensors fitted to detect movement, your heating will kick in for the length of time you’re in the room. Now that’s a smart home being smart…

Make the most of blinds & curtains in winter for free insulation!

Your blinds & curtains can also be perfectly adjusted with intelligent room control. In winter, your system can be set to open blinds automatically to allow the sun’s rays into the house to help to heat the rooms. Then at night, set them to shut and to retain that natural warmth. Now you’re harnessing nature’s heating for free! How’s that for energy efficiency?

Do you have intelligently-controlled rooms at home? Tell us all about them – we’d love to know how they improve your heating setup at home!