Heating with Loxone – Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Philipp Schuster
22nd October 2012 in Know How


imageThe summer is now just a memory, so let’s get ready to face autumn’s already-wintery weather and those first runny noses of the season.

Have you already started heating your home this autumn? If not, it’s time you made your smart home winter-proof. With the Loxone Miniserver at the heart of your home automation installation you’ll be just as kitted-out for a bitterly cold winter’s day as for the middle of spring – making sure the money you spend on heating doesn’t go up the chimney.

Let us give you an insight into the many possibilities for heating and temperature control with Loxone:


Intelligent Shading

The Miniserver‘s automatic shading is able to regulate temperature perfectly in your home… Closed blinds insulate and keep the cold out, but the Miniserver will make sure to take advantage of those sunny winter days and let the sun’s warming rays into the home.

Weather data combined with internal and external temperature sensors are used to regulate this additional function.

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Intelligent Temperature Control

Do you have multiple rooms which you’d like to be at different temperatures?

With temperature sensors in every room you can heat them all differently. 18°C enough for you in the bedroom? Want the children’s rooms to be 23°during the day and 20° at night? No problem – the Miniserver lets you do this.

Are you or your children ill? With the touch of a button you can increase the maximum temperature in the whole house by 2 degrees.

Your Miniserver will even know when the heating needs to be switched on so the requested temperature is reached in time!

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Remote Temperature Control

If you’re on the way home from a walk on a frosty autumn’s day and would like your house to be just that little bit warmer than usual you can control the temperature of the desired rooms from wherever you are using your smartphone.

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Use Multiple Heat Sources

So you’ve just lit a fire and the room has become almost unbearably hot because the radiators are still on? Use the fire to heat the room – if your chosen temperature for the room is reached, the heating for that room will automatically be turned off.


Goodbye Energy Crimes

Airing your house is necessary – even in winter. A common environmental crime is having a radiator left on by an open window. Don’t commit any more energy crimes – let your Miniserver do the thinking. As soon as the windows are open, the heating for a room is turned off. If the windows are closed again the radiators turn on once more.

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Record Your Home’s Temperature Statistics

Our regulation systems allow you to record data over a period of years if you wish. Loxone then turns these into statistics. This means that you can fine tune temperature curves and find further saving solutions.

So you want to heat your home intelligently but would need a retrofittable solution?

Does your house have a fair few years under its belt? No problem – this doesn’t mean you can’t make use of all the Miniserver’s intelligent functions. Go for the wireless option instead of cables. So-called wireless actuators can be attached to the radiators or the under floor heating manifold. They communicate with the Loxone Miniserver and regulate your heating with wireless temperature sensors in each room.


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