Loxone wins “German Smart Home Award 2012”

Lucinda Wood
18th July 2012 in Backstage

… and the winner is… Loxone. The ‘Best Project’ category in the ‘German Smart Home Awards 2012’ hosted by the “SmartHome Initiative Deutschland” went to the The Brown Box, a smart home fully kitted out with Loxone.


Loxone_Smart_Home_07 Loxone_Smart_Home_02

It’s all about everyday life in the home

The Brown Box is not just any old example project. No. It’s a real home, a showpiece which makes the advantages of a smart home very clear indeed.

What really helped The Brown Box to stand out from its competitors and triumph as the “Best Smart Home 2012” was how practical it really is.


The 240m² family house, built in 2008, is not just all about the technology – it makes ordinary life in the home its highest priority. There are loads of practical functions, tailored exactly to the owners’ needs. These functions are affordable, easy to set up, and simply make everyday life a lot easier.

The centrepiece of this project is the Miniserver which, with its intelligent control of everything from blinds and lighting to the sauna and home cinema, makes life in the home much more comfortable, and meaningfully supports the owners.


The owners’ favourite functions are:

  • The ‘Home cinema enabler for mothers-in-law’ function which allows the mother-in-law to use the home cinema without any trouble
  • The ‘Keep a (window) handle on shading’ function which set the blind slats to be horizontal when the bathroom window’s open.
  • Cock-a-doodle-doo – Our good morning function which opens all the blinds in the morning and sets some rooms to shading mode.


Descriptions of all these functions and more can all be found on our website.