Firefox 4 is finally here! This is how you activate websockets…

Lucinda Wood
22nd March 2011 in Technology

Firefox 4 is now ready for download. The browser’s new version now also supports websocket technology (just like Chrome, Opera, Safari, …) and along with it our new websocket client.

Please activate websockets in the browser’s options to be able to use the websocket client.

Activating websockets in Firefox 4

1. Enter “about:config” in your browser’s location bar and promise that you will be careful.


2. In the about:config page, search for the preference “web socket” and activate “network.websocket.override-security-block” by double-clicking. Value will be set from “false” to “true”.


Now you can use the websocket client with Firefox without restrictions!


More on the topic in the doc

Find this guide and much more information on browser compatibility and the websocket client’s special features in the doc, which we fit with new data and facts every day!