Loxone Explained – Easily Control your home

Krista Aumüller
4th November 2016 in Know How

The Loxone Smart Home thinks the way you do. It’s always looking out for you and takes care of several daily tasks, and if you ever want to change something, a single tap on a switch is enough. Today we’ll show you how this works in our latest blog and our video.

Loxone Touch for simplified control

We believe the switch is and will stay the primary control in your home. So even your parents or mother in law can activate the lights or music when she’s babysitting your kids. To make controlling a smart home as easy as possible, we’ve developed a new generation of switches – Loxone Touch. It combines 5 touch points in one single switch, is available for retrofitters, new builds, includes temperature and humidity sensors and is also offered in an exclusive version with a hardened glass surface.

5 touch zones for the main features

People are often asking us for a recommendation on how to control your home with the Loxone Touch. Here’s our answer:

In a smart home, all the manual tasks that you would usually have to do yourself are taken care of for you. An example would be checking if somebody forgot to switch off a light in a room they left. For things you use less often, there’s the free Loxone app. Maybe you want to listen to a special song while you’re cooking – a few taps of the app will take care of that for you. For example you want to hear a special song while you’re cooking. For all tasks which you may want to control more often, you use the switch: Lighting, Shading and Music. Our Loxone Touch offers 5 touch points to make it possible to control all these features with just one switch.

We recommend you use the Loxone Touch in each room for the same features, like:

The large central touch zone is ideal for controlling lighting. With the first tap you activate your lighting, with each additional tap you go through your defined lighting scenes. A double tap will reset the room, so the lights and music go off.

With one tap on the left upper corner you open the blinds, with one tap on the left lower corner you close the blinds.

To activate music in a room, tap on the right upper corner. Stay on this corner and the music gets louder. A double tap will switch the music. To lower the volume just stay on the lower corner. A double tap will deactivate the music in the room.

If you don’t have electrical blinds or music in your home, you can define other features to be controlled with the touch zones.

Variations: Loxone Touch for every kind of home

We offer a smart home solution for everybody – retrofitter or new home builder. The front side looks the same, but the back side is different.

Touch Air

(for retrofitters)

Powered by a battery you can put this Touch anywhere, where you need an additional switch, e.g. next to the bed. The Loxone Touch Air features a built-in Temperature and Humidity sensor – for your intelligent heating and cool system.

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Touch for Nano

(for retrofitters)

The Loxone Touch for Nano is the best solution when you want to change your existing switch to our Loxone Touch. In combination with the Loxone IO Nano Air you can use it to control your lights, blinds or music.

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Touch Tree

(for new home builders)

It’s very easily and quickly installed and configured. Our Tree technology offers you flexible cabling and helps you to save time. The additional Temperature and Humidity sensor helps you to monitor your HVAC System.

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The exclusive variation: Loxone Touch Pure

All these three Loxone Touch (Air, for Nano, Tree) are also available in our more exclusive variation. Our Loxone Touch Pure gives you an extra bit of luxury. A sleek design with a glass satin surface, clean lines and a built-in backlight! The LED casts a soft warm white glow against the wall and helps you to find your switch at night or during emergencies.

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