Protect Yourself From Domestic Water Damage

Philipp Schuster
24th January 2014 in Know How

The recent spell of dreadful weather and flooding has once again brought about some pretty depressing images of people’s homes being ruined by water on the news. Our homes are the most expensive things we’ll ever invest in, so to see them wrecked by water is something no homeowner ever wants to experience.

Now as much as we’d like to be able to help put a stop to flooding, unfortunately there’s not much we can do about the weather (sorry about that!). But we are doing our bit to stop water damage at home from things such as burst pipes and domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.


With one of our Water Sensors installed, you can always be on top of any leakages at home. Set up strategically and reporting information back to the Miniserver, the moment water – for whatever reason – goes above a certain level, the sensor picks up on it.


It’s all very well a sensor determining that there’s a problem, but that’s not a lot of use unless you can do something about it, is it? So the Sensor sends the message to the Miniserver and, provided you have our Caller Service set up, you can be alerted to the problem. How? Well, however you wish! Phone call, text message, or email. No matter where you are. So if you’re nearby or at work and can get home to see to the issue yourself – great. If you’re away, you can ask a friend or call a plumber.


Let’s say that you keep you washing machine in your basement or cellar. By the time you get home or organise help, there may have already been a fair amount of damage done. You could have a water pump installed ready to automatically start pumping out water on the Miniserver‘s command. Detection, alert, action.

Water damage doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic, though. Rooms that get humid can also become problem areas too. Mould growth, while less exciting than flooding, can still be pretty destructive, especially to your possessions. So we’d suggest you keep on top of humidity levels with one (or more) of our humidity sensors.

Our new Water Sensors are now available in our Webshop. Why not start protecting your home from water damage now…?