Extension 1/5: DMX–Intelligent Lighting Control

Lucinda Wood
21st June 2011 in Technology

Interesting times lay ahead for Loxone – this week we’ll be introducing 5 new extensions, and all 5 will be available soon. Anyone who regularly visits our Website, Blog or Loxone Forum (none of these links have been modified)already knows about the DMX-Extension.

What is DMX?

In the field of lighting technology, DMX is responsible for communications and data transfer . With DMX, information about the color of lighting or from a dimmer can be exchanged with a DMX-controller. DMX is especially prevalent in LED applications. Used for years in the stage and theater industry, DMX is seen as the standard. While more and more manufacturers are offering DMX-control for their lighting, it is becoming increasingly popular in single-family housing

What does the DMX-Extension offer you?


When connected to a Miniserver, the DMX-extension makes communication with a DMX-controller possible, for example with lighting possessing an integrated DMX-port. You can drive up to 128 (!) controllers with just one DMX-Extension. Standing by our commitment to simplicity, we’ve made sure that the DMX-components can be centrally controlled over the Miniserver and configured and programed using our Configuration Software.

Availability and Price

The DMX-Extension will be available as of July, for €269, incl. tax both direct from Loxone Shop and from our dealers and partners. Additional details and technical data can be found on our website: http://www.loxone.com/dmx.

As early as tomorrow we’ll be introducing two additional extensions: the RS 232 and RS 485. Stay abreast of all our innovations – subscribe to our blog.