DIY Blog: Push notifications for your iOS device

Philipp Schuster
13th May 2014 in Know How

Update: Chances are, you’ve stumbled across this blog looking for information about Loxone and push notifications. The great news is that we now offer native push notifications that can be set up directly in Loxone Config. You can find out more about this in a more recent blog by clicking the button below:

Loxone Push Notifications

The main problem with our smart phones is conserving power. As a result apps and other background tasks are put into sleep modes when the phone is locked. The way around this is almost live push notifications which apps use to alert you to something happening. Phone calls or texts will also be received by your phone in this sleep state and Loxone allows you to get notifications in this way.

You can use our caller service to have your Miniserver call you when something happens such as the door bell being rung. Our other option is to use our new Loxone Cloud Mailer to send an email to your email account which will then pop up as a notification on your phone with your email service. Then you can open the Loxone app and look at the Intercom!

However if you want notifications about your Loxone system but don’t want to have them emailed to your personal account and you don’t want to use our caller service there is another solution!

With the Loxone Cloud Mailer you can use a free app called Boxcar 2 which will push notifications to your phone when it receives an email. This quick notification is very useful, however push notifications can be delayed up to 10 seconds and whilst this is not a problem with something like an email, if it someone at your door it might be another matter! This is why we are working on ways round this in our software, but in the meantime read on to enable push notifications on your iOS device.

The Workaround

The first thing to do is to download the Boxcar 2 app from the Apple App Store. The app will prompt you to create an account, this is as simple as putting in an email address and password. The next steps about adding sources you can ignore, in the final step take note of the Forward Mail Account address. Don’t worry though you can find this in the settings later:

The Boxcar Email

The Boxcar Email

Finally in Loxone Config add in a Loxone Cloud Mailer and put the recipient address as the Boxcar address found in the settings. Finally drag the mailer on to the page where you want it, for example connected to a door controller block, and then put in a message. That’s it!

The App

Provided your Miniserver has access to the Internet an email will now be sent to the Boxcar 2 app and this will then push a notification to your phone when this email is triggered by whatever you configured in Loxone Config. In our case we get notifications when people have arrived home and whenever someone is ringing the door bell! Android users should check out the app Growl.

Push notification

Check out the configuration file for some ideas on how to use this!
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