Hei Norge! From a customer to a distributor: Autobolig AS represents Loxone in Norway!

Krista Aumüller
20th December 2016 in Know How

Scandinavia here we come. Just signed up, we proudly present you our new distributor in Norway: Autoboilig AS and their both CEOs Erik Braatnes and Henning Herfjord.
Founded in 2014, the company of Autobolig AS is located at the Norwegian Sarpsborg, about 75 minutes south of Oslo.

The story of Autobolig sounds like a real success story. In 2014 Erik Braatnes was looking for a smart home solution for his home and found Loxone. As there was no Loxone Partner in Norway at the time, Erik installed his Smart Home with his friend and electrician, Henning Herfjord. Both were really impressed with the Loxone Smart Home, so they’ve decided to become  a Loxone Partner and bring real smart homes to Norway. They even created a Loxone Smart Home for a former top ice hockey player, who became a true Loxone fan and participated in the company.

Loxone Distributor in Norway

As the first Loxone Partner in Norway Autobolig AS gave everything to become a distributor for Norway. Two years and many Loxone Smart Home projects later, the time has come.

Erik Braatnes - Loxone Distributor

Erik Braatnes

Before Loxone, Erik worked in the security sector on an oil platform. Now he’s responsible for Marketing and Logistic at Autobolig.

Henning Herfjord - Loxone Distributor

Henning Herfjord

Henning is an established electrical engineer and joined Loxone through Eric. As a technician, his job is the installation and support, as well as administration.

Autobolig AS has a determined goal: To work together and maintain the existing Loxone Partners and expand the Partner network in Norway and to enter the smart home market by using the e-mobility in combination with the Keba Wallbox.

Why? Well, Norway is one of the leaders in electric cars in Europe. 23% of new car registrations are for e-cars. During peak charging times, the pressure on the national power grid is considerable. With the combination of Loxone and the electrical power station for homes, Erik and Henning plan to introduce smart homes in Norway, as the government continues to encourage the intelligent usage of energy.

There are two challenges which Autobolig faces. On the one hand the market, which consists of many small electrical companies, is somewhat hesitant about the idea of smart homes. On the other hand, the size and infrastructure of the country also presents a challenge.

We’re looking forward to a great cooperation and many satisfied customers in the Northern Europe!

Erik Braatnes - Loxone Distributor

Become a Loxone Partner

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