New: DI Extension

Tyron Cosway
23rd May 2017 in Technology

At Loxone, we are constantly working on creating quality products as part of a feature-rich and powerful holistic smart home solution. When it comes to working on new products, we often take our cue from you. Your feedback, requests and suggestions are always evaluated by our team.

Once again, our internal development team has been hard at work to bring one of your requests to life – and it’s a beauty. Following on from our release of the Nano DI Tree earlier this year, the next device to pack a mighty punch is the DI Extension. With 20 digital inputs, this extension will be a welcome addition to many cabinets, allowing you to integrate sensors and third-party switches while taking up less rack space.

DI Extension

So many inputs, so little space

We’ve packed an impressive 20 digital inputs into this mighty extension, but not at the cost of space. This extension is the size of just two breaker units.

Versatile and individually addressable

With the new DI Extension, the integration of additional switches and sensors just got a whole lot easier. Enjoy more flexibility when planning your next Loxone Smart Home install.

If that was not enough, you can also use the digital inputs as a frequency counter for signals up to 250Hz.

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