Control (almost) everything with Loxone

Lucinda Wood
10th December 2010 in Technology

The IRTrans Ethernet module unites all your infrared remote controls. And it is equipped with a LAN port. Our Miniserver can communicate with this “network remote control”. This means you can also control infrared devices via Miniserver.

This is how it works:

1. configuration in IRTrans

First you need to “teach” your IRTrans module the commands of your remote control and save them in the IRTrans modules database. Save it using the IRTrans software (get more information on

This is what the commands you configure with IRTrans look like, for example:

“Remote” is the name of the remote control, which you have previously saved in the IRTrans module’s database. Same applies for infrared command.

2. Defining commands in Loxone configuration software

To execute the command mentioned above via Miniserver, we need to define a virtual output connector and a virtual command.

Enter the IRTrans module’s address at the virtual output connector:


Now please create a virtual command for the output connector and enter HTTP command:


You can create any number of virtual commands for every output connector. They always use the output connector’s address for communication.

Use the virtual commands as usual in the Loxone environment and combine them with buttons, switches, timers, and much more as you wish.