Configuration Software 2.1 BETA 4 Available to Download!

Philipp Schuster
22nd August 2011 in Technology

We are on the home stretch of developing version 2.1 of our configuration software and are just making final tweaks. In the meantime version 2.1 Beta 4 is now available to download:

Configuration Software 2.1 Beta 4
As always we strongly recommend not to use the beta version in production environments, as we cannot guarantee a flawless operation.

This beta version includes many changes and improvements as a result of your comments. A few new features have also snuck in following some great suggestions on the forum.

A big thanks to everyone that downloaded the previous beta and sent us their feedback. We look forward to your comments via the forum or via email to [email protected]


  • New: Operating mode can now be referenced as input
  • New: Added support of EnOcean Room Operating Panel
  • New: Added option for A3 page size
  • New: Added object Formula
  • New: Added object Energy Meter
  • New: Added visualisation component for Status Object
  • New: Added support for custom status messages and status symbols in the visualisation
  • New: Added support for checksums over RS232/RS485
  • New: Implemented current WebSocket protocol (Firefox 6)
  • New: Added additional fields for UBIMET weather
  • New: Adding devices directly from the search results
  • New: Added support for virtual UDP inputs
  • New: Added Automatic Shading object
  • Enhancement: Improved stability and performance of the WebSocket client
  • Enhancement: Revised design of the WebSocket client
  • Enhancement: Expanded EIB actuator to include new data types
  • Enhancement: Improved timing EIB
  • Enhancement: Added option of setting a start value of the energy meter
  • Enhancement: Improved network search for Mini Server using UPNP
  • Enhancement: Help is now scrollable using the mouse wheel or arrow keys
  • Enhancement: Alarm object provides more detailed textual status information
  • Enhancement: Support for adding EIB devices directly from the search dialog
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of On and Off object by adding reset input
  • Enhancement: Improved DMX address learning
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of Analogy Memory objet by adding reset input
  • Enhancement: Extended functionality of Dim object
  • Enhancement: Added support for blueprints of RS232 devices
  • Enhancement: Implemented the latest WebSocket Drafts for better compatibility (for Firefox 6, Firefox 7)
  • Enhancement: Increased virtual output buffer – required for Sonos
  • Enhancement: Various additions and improvements to the following objects: Modulo, Integer, MinMax, Timer, Multiplier, Lighting Control, Scene Lighting and Long Click
  • Enhancement: Improved Pico-C script editor
  • Fix: EIB Tageway corrected
  • Fix: Solved various problems when interpreting PicoC code
  • Fix: Favourites on the home page of the WebSocket clients will now display correctly
  • Fix: +/- input on the lighting control system will now work correctly
  • Fix: Status of EIB hardware buttons now work correctly
  • Fix: Corrected output irregular output behaviour of AQP on Automatic Blind object
  • Fix: Ar, St and Sp input of the automatic blinds do now work correctly
  • Fix: Object Modulo is now working correctly
  • Fix: Object Integer does now work correctly
  • Fix: Transparency in the icon editor is no longer displayed as white
  • Fix: Statistics do now work with virtual states
  • Fix: When inserting memory markers they are no longer displayed as analogue
  • Fix: Resolved error during manual entry of the serial number of a 1-Wire device
  • Fix: Creating devices with 1-Wire iButton Serial Number (01) does now work
  • Fix: 1-Wire device for DS2438 does now work
  • Fix: Script editor – Backspace no longer deletes entire line
  • Fix: PID controller – MAX value now taken into consideration
  • Fix: Resolved error message Line 82, Column 90 Missing ‘,’ or ‘}’ in object declaration when RGB actuator is used in the visualization
  • Fix: Resolved error message Line 112, Column 10 Missing ‘,’ or ‘}’ in object declaration in Mini Server
  • Fix: Input RA of run time counter object now works correctly
  • Fix: Parameters TR of automatic blind object now works with constant
  • Fix: 2-button and selection key object now send status messages
  • Fix: Sauna object does now update current temperature
  • Fix: Terminals of Extension are now ladled correctly
  • Fix: RS232/RS485 – decimals are now correctly separated using decimal point
  • Fix: EnOcean – window switch does now save the state
  • Fix: XML of Web stats no longer includes spaces

Known Issues:

  • Missing help texts
  • WebSocket client: Some errors occur during sorting and processing of status replies