Just out: The Elk Passive House with Loxone technology

Lucinda Wood
28th June 2012 in Case Studies

In the “Blue Lagoon” in Vösendorf (near Vienna), the first Elk passive house with smart home technology has just been opened, and naturally, it’s fully kitted out with Loxone! elk passivhaus 146 bungalow IMG_3018

elk passivhaus 146 bungalow IMG_2777 elk passivhaus 146 bungalow IMG_3032
elk passivhaus 146 bungalow IMG_3081 elk passivhaus 146 bungalow IMG_3122


Smart home technology supporting the passive house philosophy

A passive house is one conforming to the rigorous Passivhaus standard for energy efficiency and therefore requires little energy for space heating or cooling. It has been mainly passive houses that during trials achieved level 5 or 6 of the code for sustainable homes. Clearly this results in great energy savings; but it also requires careful control – even a small amount of excess sunlight can send the temperature in a passive house rocketing, which is why intelligent control is essential.

In single family homes, there are lots of ways smart technology can be used:

  • Automatic shading, which takes into account individual room temperatures to maximise heating in the winter and help with passive cooling in the summer
  • Intelligent management of photovoltaic installations to ensure that energy generated is used most effectively
  • Automatic power off function / lighting control with presence detectors
  • Intelligent single room heating control to optimise the use of heating and thus save on heating costs
  • Optimised heating using weather forecasts.
  • A notification function if windows / doors are left open to prevent energy wastage


The Elk passive house is a great example of the synergy between energy efficient building and intelligent technology. Anyone visiting the Blue Lagoon should definitely pay the showhome a visit!