Help Around the Home: Who’s Better? A Butler or Loxone?!

Philipp Schuster
11th July 2013 in Know How

Even with all his high-tech equipment, suits and cars, Master Bruce Wayne (aka Batman, of course) still relies on his human butler Alfred Pennyworth to take care of the sprawling Wayne Manor and its extensive subterranean cave system. It’s no mean feat for a man of, how shall we say? ‘advanced years’. Anyone who’s read the comic books or seen the films will know that Alfred does a grand job, though. But we can’t help but think that it’s probably about time that The Dark Knight let his pensionable butler retire and automated his estate… It’d be a set up. And we think we can prove it. Let’s compare the two, shall we…?

Round 1: Batlights!

The Caped Crusader might well be a nocturnal superhero, but he still needs some decent lighting at home. So not only has Alfred got to see to all his other daily jobs and offer moral support to our hero, he also has to traipse around the massive Wayne Manor turning all the lights on and off and providing the right level of lighting. Imagine the poor old chap wearily dragging himself around the estate turning all the lights off at the end of every night. What an effort!

No such effort’s required in a Smart Home, though. The automated Wayne Manor simply sets the Miniserver to work with its unlimited lighting scenes and programmable options. Brightness can be dependent on a number of things: time of day, movement, weather, etc. Dimming levels, straight on/off or even LED colours can be set up. ‘Central Functions’ can be employed for across-the-board ‘all on/all offs’ as well, meaning all lighting and power can be killed instantly. He may be a billionaire, but who doesn’t like saving the odd pound, eh (well, Dollar)? And he can have total control of his home via his Batphone when he’s zooming off to face crime in the Batmobile too. Total remote control!

The score:  Alfred 5 – 9 Smart Home

Round 2: Heating

Monitoring and adjusting thermostats at home takes Alfred far too long and with the rooms being so big, it’s a real waste of time, effort and money. It’s not the greatest use of resources!

Individual room control, kept at a steady, pre-determined heat is a cinch for a Smart Home, though. And it all happens automatically with no continued thought or action needed at all.

The score: Alfred 3 – 10 Smart Home

Round 3: Everything safe

To a man with as many dastardly archvillain enemies as Batman, security’s always going to be a major issue. And of course, he’ll want to protect himself from intruders burgling and Robin’ him (sorry about that, we couldn’t help ourselves with that one). But can Bruce trust Alfred to always remember to lock up and set the alarm? Every single time?

That’s not something he’d need to worry about if he Loxoned his home instead. With the Miniserver in charge, everything’s automatic! Existing presence detectors, music systems, lighting and blinds can be integrated to create the perfect tailor-made security system. Combined together – no one’s breaking into the his house in a hurry… And if they do, Batman can be notified by email, SMS or voice on the Batphone!

Score: Alfred 4 – 9 Smart Home

Round 4: Cost Comparison

We know he’s not exactly skint, but Bruce Wayne’s family didn’t get rich but being frivolous with money, did they? We don’t know exactly how much Alfred’s salary is but we’re imagining that it’s a pretty penny each year. But the Miniserver? A one-off payment of £429 (inc. VAT) and you’re good to go!

Score: Alfred 5 – 10 Smart Home

Battle decided: Alfred 17 – 37 Smart Homes!

So there it is – sack your butler! A Smart Home’s clearly the better alternative. What? What do you mean you don’t have a butler?! Okay, well, still… Loxone your home! You know it makes sense.