Loxone Advanced Training

The new advanced training course is the perfect complement to the Loxone Expert training. Deepen your knowledge of all the aspects of a Loxone Smart Home system in our one-day workshops!

Our advanced training at a glance…

Sales Top Tips



Loxone 360°

Multiroom Audio

How To Sell A Loxone Smart Home:
Top 10 Tips

This half-day workshop equips you with the information you need to better explain the value of a professionally-installed smart home to your customers and ultimately become a great smart home salesperson and all-round ambassador.


£75 (incl. VAT)

1pm – 5pm

Dinner included

Do you want to secure more projects? What is the best way to approach the idea of smart home automation with your customers? Research shows that 66% of people want professionally-installed smart home systems rather than DIY-solutions. You need to be putting yourself out there as the best person for the job, confident that your business has the right solution!

Retrofitting a Loxone Smart Home:
with Loxone Air.

This one-day workshop looks at the perfect retrofit professionally-installed smart home automation system that you can offer those customers who are ready and waiting to embrace living in a smart home.

M1, M2 of Expert Training

£168 (incl. VAT)

9am – 5pm

Lunch included

The Barclays Digital Homes Report shows 23% of homeowners are likely to spend money on smart lighting and 29% on smart heating. That said, market adoption of smart lighting is only at 2%, while just 3% of British homes have a smart thermostat. With more than 25 million homes in the UK, make the most out of retrofit smart home technology to capture those customers ready to make a purchase!

Automation with Loxone:
Simple & Intelligent

This one-day workshop looks at the concept of automation. Our homes should be taking care of our lighting, heating, security, shading and more so that we have time for the more important things in life, like family. Automation is about creating homes that look out for us, think like we do, take care of tasks, use less energy, and bring us happiness.

M1, M2 of Expert Training

£168 (incl. VAT)

9am – 5pm

Lunch included

We believe that a smart home is not just a house with a smart TV in it, or one with a few lights bulbs or a thermostat that you need to control with an app. A true smart home is one that takes care of thousands of tasks for us – without us having to lift a finger. Living in a true smart home should be effortless.

Loxone 360°:
Integrating Cinemas, Pools, E-Mobility & More.

This one-day workshop will take your smart home automation skill set to the next level. If you want to be able to offer your more affluent customers a solution that ticks all the boxes and then some, then this is the ideal course to attend.

M1, M2 of Expert Training

£168 (incl. VAT)

9am – 5pm

Lunch included

A Loxone Smart Home perfectly takes care of lighting, heating, security and shading – but did you know that it is capable of so much more? A Loxone Smart Home can also boast intelligent pool control, e-mobility functionality and a fully integrated cinema.

Multiroom Audio:
Music Server Workshop

This half-day workshop teaches you all you need to know about working with the perfect solution for multiroom audio: The Loxone Music Server. You’ll be guided on everything from installation right through to configuration, setting up zones and groups for multiroom audio and aftercare for your customer.


£90 (Incl. VAT)

9am – 2pm

Buffet lunch included

Are you offering your customers fully integrated multiroom audio as part of their Loxone Smart Home? Or are you using an off-the-shelf product with low profit potential which fails to deliver a truly feature-rich experience for your customers? Music is an integral part of our lives. Did you know Britons spend on average 11 million hours a day streaming audio from online services such as Spotify and Google Play Music?

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