Bringing the Curtain Down on Cold Homes this Winter

Lucinda Wood
30th October 2012 in Know How

Why not give your blinds and curtains some space to ‘do their thing’ this winter with the Loxone Miniserver… Everyone knows how useful they are in dog days of summer – providing shade from the powerful midday sun and keeping your home cool – but they can also be just as useful at this time of year, providing privacy and insulation, and keeping the dazzling sun out of your eyes as it moves around close to the horizon.


Learn how you can make the most of your shading this winter using the Miniserver as the heart of your smart home automation system.

Control room temperature efficiently and automatically with shading!

There are essentially two functions for your automatic shading which you can use to save energy this winter.

Closed blinds or curtains have insulating properties – use them to keep the warmth inside your home.

So what do you have to do then? Well, nothing really. Your blinds or curtains will do everything automatically – if the temperature falls below a threshold, your shading will start its job as insulation:

weather_00_gn_thumb[4] When it gets dark in the evening, all blinds (which aren’t already closed for privacy) shut.
weather_19_gd_thumb[3] On dark days, as the mercury plummets, the insulation function is also activated during the day. The Miniserver is able to decide when to do this by getting data from temperature and light sensors.

This is how the Miniserver makes sure that the heat in your home is kept inside for longer.

Using the sun as a source of heat

Take advantage of the warmth of the sun on those chilly winter days. Closed blinds, which would keep your house cool in the summer, stop those warming rays of winter sunlight from heating your house. That’s why blinds are opened automatically when the sun’s out to provide your home with free energy from the sky!

weather_00_gd_thumb[10] The fully automatic shading basically runs all year round. If the temperature falls below a certain value, then the shading function is stopped, and the blinds open to allow this ‘natural heating system’ to warm up the house.

Blind lock

Better to be safe than sorry – add a blind lock.

Visualisierungskennwort_thumb[1] Using rain and temperature sensors, the Miniserver can prevent the blinds from moving whilst frozen. If precipitation is detected at the same time as freezing temperatures, then the blind lock is activated. You can also add a blind-lock button to manually activate the lock. This protects your outdoor blinds from damage caused by freezing.Read about how a similar feature is used in the Panorama House – one of our case studies.

DSC_0457_thumb[18] DSC_1002_thumb[28]

Save money and increase security with the Miniserver’s intelligence

Using the Miniserver to control your outdoor blinds gives you yet more functionality… Closed blinds and shutters not only provide shade and insulation, but also protection against intruders.

Find out more about the enormous number of opportunities open to you when you’ve got a Miniserver at the heart of your smart home.

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