The Bluegrass Smart Home

Krista Aumüller
23rd March 2015 in Case Studies

The Bluegrass Smart Home is the first Loxone Smart Home that is open to the public. Schedule your appointment now to see this stunning automated home and get to know what comfort, energy saving and security in a Loxone Smart Home truly means.

Project Location

NAME:The Bluegrass Smart Home
LOCATION:Lexington, KY
SIZE:2104 ft2
BUILDER:M & M Properties
HVAC:Engineered Heating and Air
Bluegrass Smart Home

Control Everything – That’s inside

Bluegrass Shedding Light

Shedding Light On The Matter

No one wants to walk into a dark room and stumble around trying to find the light switch, which is why, in the Bluegrass Smart Home, the lights can be triggered by simply opening the door and walking into the room.

But we take this convenience even further in our Smart Home! The pantry, utility room and all closet doors within the house are fitted with contacts, which recognize when a door is opened and turns the light on automatically.

The really smart part about the lighting is that the brightness is adjusted throughout the house according to the time of day. If it’s late at night and you get up to use the bathroom, the lights will only come on dimly to light your path without blinding you and disturbing your sleep. The next morning, it’s bright and sunny, so the lights won’t come on automatically at all during the day to help save energy.

Lighting For Every Occasion

Practicality aside, the Bluegrass Smart Home is made to impress: RGBW LED lighting, cleverly concealed in the crown molding, can change the look and feel of a room in an instant with just a tap of the App, or a press on the push button.

Specific lighting scenes have been created for cooking and entertaining in the kitchen, and f or movie nights in the living room, so the house is always painted in the best possible light, whatever the occasion.

Climate Control

To help cut down on unnecessary heating and cooling costs, unused rooms in the house are set to ‘economy’ temperature. If someone enters the room, the presence detector will sense them, and tell the house to activate the heating or cooling until the room reaches the pre-set ‘comfort’ temperature.

Loxone Favorite

The HVAC Damper

The Bluegrass Smart Home enjoys an intelligent climate control system that allows for individual room control. A normal 2 unit HVAC system has been converted to 17 zones by using independently controlled motorized dampers. Each damper provides heated or cooled air flow to each room. This means the bathroom is always warm in the mornings and the bedroom is always cool in the evenings.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Temperature sensors have been installed behind the ceiling lights and push buttons, and continuously monitor the room temperature. If the room starts to become too warm, the ceiling fan will turn on automatically to distribute air around the room.

In the bathrooms, the ventilation fan is configured to only come on if someone is in the bathroom for more than one minute (to prevent noise disturbance at night).

Once the fan has been triggered, it runs for a several minutes after the room is empty, to clear any steam from the shower, etc. The fan will also turn on if the humidity level reaches 70% and will run until the humidity is reduced.

Intruder Alert!

As you’d expect, the Bluegrass Smart Home features the very best in Smart Home security.

The security system makes use of all available sensors throughout the home, including presence detectors and door/window contacts to detect intruders. If an intruder attempts to break in, the Loxone Smart Home will begin a series of escalating alarms. First, the system will begin with a silent alarm which calls our phone to inform us of a break-in. This gives us a chance to reset the alarm if it turns out to be a false alarm.

Following this is a visual alarm: the lights begin to flash throughout the house. This is especially effective at night as it draws attention to the house.

Next up is the time honored audible alert. In our case, this comes in the form of a siren sound which is blasted through the home sound system into the room that the intruder is in. If they try to flee to the next room, the noise follows them from room to room as they move through the house.

Intruder alert
Bluegrass Intercom

Who’s At The Door?

We couldn’t afford a butler, so we opted for a Loxone Intercom instead. If a visitor comes to the door, we receive a phone call that notifies and allows us to speak to the person and let them in, without even having to leave the Loxone office.

This also works really well for deliveries; the garage door can be opened remotely to receive the delivered packages. And if we forget to close the garage door, it sends us an alert… handy!

Energy Saving

Wherever you are in the world, it’s likely that you’re keeping an eye on how much you’re spending on your energy bills. Whether you have kids that constantly leave the lights on, or appliances that guzzle power even when they’re on standby, trying to cut down can sometimes seem like a struggle.

In the Bluegrass Smart Home, power consumption is measured and displayed. Temperature sensors are installed throughout the house, including the air exchangers for the HVAC system. This gives us the flexibility to fine-tune the efficiency of the house, because we’re able to monitor how effectively the house heats and cools large open spaces compared to smaller spaces.

Bluegrass Heating
Multiroom Audio

Sounds good!

Remember when we said the the Bluegrass Smart Home is made to impress? Well, the multiroom audio system does just that! Music can be streamed throughout the house from a mobile device, or from services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Grooveshark.

Each person in the house has their own tastes and preferences, so our multiroom audio system is set up to deliver different sources simultaneously to different rooms. Alternatively, when entertaining or just moving around the house, the system can be set to play the same synchronized source to every room throughout the house.

The best part? There’s no need to dig out your smartphone or tablet to change the song or adjust the volume. A simple 4 button switch on the wall lets you play, pause, adjust the volume and turn the music on and off.

Never Miss The Big Game!

Thanks to the Loxone Music Server, we can listen to the big game even when we can’t be in front of the TV! We installed speakers in every room, which integrate with the TV and entertainment set up, allowing us to hear our favorite team play while cooking or working in the garage.

Loxone Music Server

Keeping Things Simple

There’s nothing more frustrating for us than seeing ‘smart homes’ that end up causing the homeowner more work than before! A coffee table cluttered with remotes, a wall littered with switches, the list goes on.

How do you get around this? It’s simple – combine the non-intelligent components you already have in your home, and bring them together with the Loxone Miniserver!

Relax, The Smart Home’s Got It Covered!

If you’re away from home for longer periods, such as on vacation or visiting the family for the holidays, the Loxone Smart Home will go into ‘slumber’ mode. All non-essential appliances are switched off along with the lights and the water heater. The house activates a ‘frost protection’ mode to ensure the pipes don’t freeze and burst while you’re away. Take that, polar vortex!

Joking aside, burst water pipes can result in significant and costly damage to your home. To help minimize the impact of a water leak, we have installed water sensors next to the water heater as well as the washer and dryer, so if the worst should happen, we’ll be informed immediately via phone call.

Getting Up On The Wrong Side Of Bed? No Way!

There’s no rude awakening in the Bluegrass Smart Home. Instead of the usual annoying blare of the alarm clock, the house gradually wakes up by turning on lights and soothing music in the bedroom, and shutting off the night alarm. The moment you walk into the bathroom, the presence detector triggers the heating circuit pump, so you don’t even have to wait for your shower to warm up!

Our modern day lives can be demanding and stressful. So at the end of a busy day, you just want to flop into bed without worrying about whether or not you remembered to lock the back door.

In the Bluegrass Smart Home, a push button next to the bed activates the ‘goodnight function’ and turns off all the lights and appliances on standby within the house. It also sets the night alarm so that only the door/window contacts are actively used for the alarm…which means no more false alarms triggered by the midnight munchies! In addition, the presence detectors throughout the house will turn on lights at a reduced level should you get up during the night.

Loxone Bluegrass Smart Home

Feel At Home…Even When You’re Not!

Lets be honest – how many precious minutes of your vacation have you wasted worrying about your home? How many hours of wasted electricity have been used by leaving lights on to make it look like someone’s home? Too many!

The Bluegrass Smart Home eliminates these fears with presence simulation – the house records our activities and behavior over the period of a week. Then, when we head out for vacation, or just working late, the house replays our actions- like switching lights and music on and off, it can even raise and lower the blinds. It’s a surefire way to deter intruders (and nosy neighbors!).

Instant Coziness

Long gone are the days of rubbing two sticks together to make a fire…in the Bluegrass Smart Home, it’s as easy as pressing a button.

A simple push-button allows the gas fireplace to be switched on and off, creating an instantly cozy atmosphere on a cold winter’s day. Once the fire is roaring, the presence detector takes over…if no presence is detected for half an hour, the fire is automatically switched off.

Bluegrass Smart Home

Experience the Bluegrass Smart Home

Take your chance for a free tour through our Bluegrass Smart Home. We’re looking forward to meet you!

For the Techies

Components Used

  • 1 x Miniserver
  • 6 x Extensions
  • 3 x 1-wire Extension
  • 1 x RS-485 Extension
  • 1 x Air Base Extension
  • 2 x DMX Extension
  • 3 x Dimmer Extension
  • 2 x Relay Extension
  • 18 x RGBW dimmers
  • 1 x IR Control Air
  • 1 x Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 1 x Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 17 x 1-wire Temperature Sensors
  • 19 x Sealed 1-wire Temperature Sensors
  • 17 x Air Duct Dampners
  • 15 x Window Contacts
  • 3 x Door Contacts
  • 1 x Garage Door Contact

Technology Used

  • 110 VAC Switched bulbs
  • 110 VAC Dimmed LED bulbs
  • 24 VDC Dimmed LED Recessed lights
  • White LED strip
  • Switched outlets
  • 2 Heat pumps
  • 17 Individual Room dampners
  • Temperature measured at register and in air exchanger
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Bath Exhaust Fans
  • Loxone Music Server with 9 Audio Zones
  • IR control TVs and other media equipment
  • IP Camera

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