How to Save Money on Heating: 3 Top Tips

Philipp Schuster
5th February 2014 in Know How

Despite global warming and climate change in general, the winters don’t seem to be getting all that much warmer, do they?! In fact, the temperatures seem to get lower and lower. Which means our heating bills get higher and higher. So unless we all want to be constantly worrying about our bank balance, we need to find ways of cutting our energy bills. With an automated home, one of the most effective ways to do that is by cutting your heating bills…

So here are our top 3 tips on how to save money on heating with Home Automation:


With most conventional heating setups, one central thermostat dictates the temperature in every room of the house, heating all areas to the same habitable level. But there are often rooms that aren’t used very often, or used only at certain times. Why heat up the spare bedroom if no one uses it? Why keep the ensuite bathroom warm throughout the day and at night if it only gets used in the mornings? You could define the desired comfortable temperature for each room separately and have temperature sensors constantly monitoring how warm each room is. And amending those temperatures accordingly. Nice and simple. And great for your wallet!


It only makes sense to heat the house when someone’s home, doesn’t it? So you program it to turn on, say, half an hour before you return. But how long does it really take your rooms to heat up? Each might take a different amount of time (depending on size, what’s in it, if there are any exterior walls, etc.).

With Loxone, when you tell your setup the heating times and temperatures you want, within a couple of weeks, your heating will learn how long it takes to get each room up to the desired temperature, switching itself on and off automatically. Now your perfect temperature is achieved at exactly the right time – no waiting, no waste.

And what’s more – if you’re working late or decide on the spare of the moment that you won’t be staying at home for the evening or weekend, you can interrupt the usual schedule remotely via your smartphone or tablet. So you can turn off the heating with the swipe of a finger, saving yet more energy (and in doing so, money too!).


It may sound somewhat strange, but it’s possible to include natural heat sources in your home’s overall heating. How? Well…

  • Your Smart Home can be programmed to open all your blinds, shades and curtains automatically on the odd occasions when the sun comes out (using timers or intelligent weather data, among other things).
  • The natural heat that beams into the house is registered by temperature sensors and the heating is regulated – independently being turned down or off. That way you’re keeping the usual temperature, only you’re not paying for it.
  • At night – or when the weather changes, shutters, blinds and curtains will then close automatically, trapping in the heat you’ve pilfered from the sun.


The Loxone Config really is the best software available for automating Smart Homes. And not just for heating. We can help you automate lighting, audio, security, all sorts. One of the reasons it’s so good is because of how user friendly it is. You don’t need to be a computer programmer to set up your Smart Home with it. Pre-existing modules for everything such as individual room control can be dragged and dropped to help you set things up as simply as possible.


We’ve put together a Heating Package as a bit of a starter’s kit to kick you off with smart heating. Within no time you’ll be slashing heating bills. It’s the place to start!


Are you planning a Smart Home project with some nice smart heating control as part of it? Not sure exactly where to start? Have a free project consultation with our project team and get started today!

Already use Loxone? What are your top heating tips? We’d love to know how you automate your heating to save money and stress…