Loxone OS, Config, App 9.3 – our latest smart home software

Tyron Cosway
23rd March 2018 in For Partners

Take a look at some of the new features included in Version 9.3…

You may have already heard… Today we have an update for Loxone Smart Home software, with many features especially for you, our Loxone Partners. Discover the new features in Version 9.3 that will help you in the planning of Real Smart Homes for your customers.

The total package for you as a Loxone Partner

Version 9.3 includes many features that have been developed to improve the workflow of our Partners. With this latest software update, we’re bridging the gap between the planning of a project, the configuration, the specifying of hardware and the sales process. This is further supported by the Real Smart Home Compendium.


The new dimension
of project planning

With the new version of Loxone Config, we’re introducing a new dimension to project planning for our Loxone Partners. We’ve taken steps to reduce the time that passes from that first meeting with a customer to you being able to plan and even configure their project. What you’ve come to know as the planning spreadsheet has been redesigned and now integrates directly into Loxone Config with Version 9.3.

We’ve already given you a taster of this new tool in a previous blog – but today we can take a closer look.


Sales support –
The Real Smart Home Compendium

In addition to the software updates, today we’re also releasing the “Real Smart Home Compendium”. The Real Smart Home Compendium offers a wealth of information; including food for thought for your customers and explains the benefits of living in a real smart home. The Real Smart Home Compendium will better equip you to answer any questions your customers have about smart homes.


Configured in no time
thanks to Loxone Auto Configuration

The new Project Planning tool goes hand-in-hand with Loxone’s Auto Configuration. From the planning of a project to the finished configuration, it now takes just a few minutes. With this integrated Project Planning tool, you’ll be able to download a complete list of Loxone hardware needed on the one hand – and on the other you’ll be able to generate a complete list in Config of the same devices. Once you have this, you have the perfect basis for using Auto Configuration.

Loxone Produkte

Highest IQ – Loxone products

Achieving this integration of the Project Planning tool is made easier thanks to an intelligent product offering. Loxone offers an all-encompassing product range that meets all the requirements of a Real Smart Home. With both Tree and Air technology, we’re improving the way smart homes are installed – making it easier, quicker and more efficient for you as a Loxone Partner, without compromising on a feature-rich offering.

The Project Planning tool, which works seamlessly with Auto Configuration, along with the installation of Tree or Air devices to the Loxone Standard, means you can offer your customers the Real Smart Home way of life. This approach to living in a smart home is discussed in the Real Smart Home Compendium.

New features

Arc Fault Detection

We’ve added a new Input on the Fire and Water Alarm Function Block. Should an  Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) detect an issue then this will be displayed with a new icon in the Loxone Smart Home App.

Fullscreen Video Intercom

“Knock, knock”. “Who’s there?”
With Version 9.3, the larger camera view is back for tablet devices and the Web Interface.

More improvements with Version 9.3:
usability, security & stability.

– Updated corporate design updates throughout the app
– Increased security of the app connection
– Improved performance and much more

Discover all the new features and improvements for yourself by updating to Version 9.3 today. A detailed listing of all the changes in Version 9.3 can be found in our changelog.