Loxone Config 11.2 Beta 2

19th November 2020 in Exclusive News
Are you eager to test new or in-development features of Loxone Config or the Loxone App prior to release? Now passionate Loxone fans can test our software versions directly and support us with valuable suggestions for improvement.

The newest Beta version of Loxone Config is now available to download. Discover all of the new features and functionality of Version 11.2 (Beta 2) now!

The current public Beta version includes the following new functionality:

Loxone Config
11.2. Beta 2
  • Updated product support for:
    • The new Miniserver Go 
    • Flush-mounted Presence Sensor
  • EEBus
    • HVAC support
  • Improved usability of device filtering

This is a beta version which is not yet intended for the final release. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not use this software version in any customer installations or critical environments.