The hour the world goes dark: Earth Hour 2018

Lucinda Wood
23rd March 2018 in Know How

On March 24th at 8:30pm, the world will be shrouded in darkness! Millions of people will turn off the lights for an hour across the world.

Why? Well, it’s ‘Earth Hour’ – an idea that was launched by WWF Australia way back in 2007. The simple idea quickly became a worldwide event: people around the globe turn the lights off for one hour and unite in sending an unmistakable message calling for better environmental and climate protection! Today, Earth Hour is the biggest global environmental event.

We’re hoping our 60,000 Loxone Smart Home owners can help make Earth Hour 2018 even bigger!

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One hour of darkness
– for a brighter future!

Earth Hour 2018 - Statistik

These are the impressive stats of Earth Hour in 2017. In addition to the Sydney Opera House, the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, countless office buildings and private households joined together to create a symbol of environmental protection.

Climate protection, sustainability, and environmental protection are topics to which we here at Loxone also feel committed. Earth Hour is a great idea to draw attention to a global problem.

We firmly believe that each and every one of us can contribute to protecting our planet every single day. Especially since, as the owner of a Loxone Real Smart Home, it’s really easy to do!

60,000+ energy-efficient Loxone Smart Homes

The number of Loxone Smart Homes is growing rapidly. Thanks to their intelligence, each of them can make a small contribution to saving energy. 60,000 Loxone Smart Homes together are able to make a huge contribution!

Just in time for Earth Hour 2018, we have collected eight simple energy savings tips that you can easily implement.

Become the saviour of our planet and #Connect2Earth with these tips…

Eight energy-saving tips

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Make use of the triple click:
Switch off the lights and turn appliances off standby when you’re leaving home or going to sleep with a simple triple click on a Loxone Touch switch.

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Take advantage of holiday mode:
Put your home into a deep sleep when you go away with a couple of taps in the app.

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Use the sun’s power:
Optimise your own consumption and use your self-produced electricity more efficiently.

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Lower the room temperature:
Lower the room temperature by only 1°C and save around 8% on the energy used for heating.

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Check your energy statistics:
Use the Loxone app to detect hidden energy optimisation
potential and take action.

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Connect your heating and window contacts:
If a window is opened in the room, the heating will switch to frost protection for as long as the window remains open.

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Review your existing lighting moods:
Do all lights really need to be at 100% brightness? Sometimes less is more.

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Inspire your friends:
Let your friends know about the energy-saving
features and unmatched comfort of a Real Smart Home.

Energy saving with brains

These are just a few examples of how you can save energy in your Loxone Real Smart Home. Get creative yourself or ask your Loxone Partner to help you identify energy saving potential in your home.

#Connect2Earth. Save our planet and our only home.