Car vs. House

Lucinda Wood
15th August 2012 in Know How

Try as we might, we can’t work out why so much time and effort has been spent putting smart technology in cars, but not into houses. At Loxone, it’s something we’re keen to change…


The majority of people spend at least 20 times more money on a home than a car, keep it for longer, and spend a lot more time in it. Yet despite this, their home’s ‘intelligence’ is significantly lower than their car’s. Why is this?

To illustrate our point, here are a few comparisons:





Central locking system with remote control, windows close automatically on locking, alarm automatically set

Manual door key, need to shut all the windows before leaving and set alarm separately

Why not set up an smart access control system and use an iButton or iPhone as your key? Worried that you’ve left the windows open? Just put in some contact switches and check with your phone if they’ve been left open.



Two zone system – you set the desired temperature – the car automatically adjusts heating / cooling

Changing the temperature here changes it for the whole house

Why not use Loxone to set up zoned heating for your home?



When light levels fall below a certain threshold, the car headlights come on automatically

When it starts getting dark, walk around the room and switch on all the lamps

If you automate your lights, then not only could you set them to come on when it gets dark, but you could set up lighting scenes, use presence detectors, and even reduce your reliance on the good old-fashioned light switch!



Cars are getting more and more efficient by the day – you can also monitor your fuel consumption with a simple dashboard display

The efficiency of most homes in Britain has changed very little for several decades, it’s also very hard to monitor how much energy is being

Making your home much more efficient with smart home technology is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet.


So if you weren’t already convinced, hopefully now you’ll see how strange things currently are… and maybe even be persuaded that adding a bit of intelligence to your house isn’t such a crazy idea after all.