The Audioserver: Feedback from our Partners and Fans

Tyron Cosway
17th September 2020 in For Partners
Two weeks ago, our online product event introduced you, our Partners to the Audioserver and Stereo Extension.
Since then, we have loved the content you’ve been posting online – both as Loxone Partners and fans in general. Here is just a quick look at some of those responses from around the world! (In translating these international messages, we hope we’ve managed to stay true to the original excitement expressed in your posts) 💚.

Finally getting round to testing the new @loxone #musicserver and for all the people that felt it was under powered including myself… I’m blown away by its smooth control and ability to fill a room with clean, crisp audio with a few bells and whistles… like announcements 👌🏻 what a great feature for home owners… especially with kids when teas ready… impressed so far I look forward to the additions and changes in the coming months 😍 #loxoneuk #loxoneaudioserver #purple #multiroom #audio #multiroomaudio


Loxone Partner, England, UK

The wait is over! This little purple box is the new #audioserver from @loxone and it gives us so much flexibility for #automated #audio not just in the #smarthome but also great for #cafe #office #barber #shop #bar etc. This gives us 4 channels to use individually or together with optional #stereo extensions to keep adding as we please. There’s also #SPDIF output to feed into other #amplifier or #homecinema setup etc.


Loxone Partner, England, UK

Fresh out the box! Introducing the next generation of smart home multi-room audio. The new @loxone Audioserver. Looking forward to setting this up and hearing it in action. #loxone #audioserver #multiroomaudio #smarthome #northwales #createautomation

Bowen Electrical & Home Automation

Loxone Partner, Wales, UK

This is a really cool product! Big praise to the development team for all their hard work. We are impressed and convinced that for this small price we will now be able to put multi-room audio into just about any project. Fortunately, the days of the old, heavy music server and the corresponding amplifier are now finally over!!! Keep it up 😁👍💪💪

Markus G.

Loxone Fan, Germany

What can I say… once again, Loxone has exceeded my expectations by demonstrating high professionalism and versatility in its products. A real evolution in the field of smart home and professional audio technology… now it is up to us Loxone partners to show our customers the incredible potential of this system.

Auto hi fi System snc

Loxone Partner, Italy

I’ve placed my order, and I am looking forward to installing it. Airplay, TOP! Zones assignable as mono or stereo zones , TOP ! COMPACT ! THE PRICE –> HOT !! The possibility to split the amplifier outputs on the extension, wiring with the loxone cable TREE and 24V and then the extension next to the amplifier, TOP ! Only positive . I’m sure that LOXONE engineers will create a small extension that will please a lot of people. I did the update last night, and I started to play with the config…. Super easy, it’s a pity that the postman doesn’t come on Sunday….🎧

Frédéric Seffer

Loxone Partner, France

The Audio Revolution is here with the new #Audioserver from Loxone.
Much MORE than #music: Intelligent functions included that make it a must have in a building or smart home.
The Audioserver can be integrated almost invisibly and use music, sounds or messages for the alert system in a restaurant, an intelligent doorbell at home or announcing events in an office.

Smatix S.L (Instalem)

Loxone Partner, Spain

Hey! I have been working with Loxone for many years and I’ve been missing a product like the Audioserver. Based on the information, I’d say this is a move in the right direction. Unlike the Music Server, I no longer have to worry about an AV rack – I cam simply install it on a DIN rail, which saves a lot of time. Overall, I have to praise this solution, especially its compact design. The sound system is just da’bomb!

MINALOX, s. r. o.

Loxone Partner, Slovakia

The real revolution in multiroom audio systems has come true! Excellent sound quality, unlimited expandability and compact dimensions combined with a very attractive price – the Audioserver is like music to your ears!

Hi-End Tech

Loxone Partner, Poland

Congratulations! This is a beautiful new product and a good presentation! It looks promising and future-proof ;-)!

Aurora Futura

Loxone Partner, Netherlands

Smart Energy Solution

Loxone Partner, Czech Republic

Thank you to everyone who has shared these posts with us, and to everyone else showing us love on social media! 😃

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