Products in Focus: 5 Tree products for an efficient install

Tyron Cosway
8th April 2020 in For Partners
With the development of Tree technology, we pursued a clear goal: to reduce the cabling and installation time of a project. Coupled with the know-how of Loxone Partners, the integration of Loxone Tree devices – from LED spots to motion sensors and Touch switches – can be achieved with an unparalleled ease-of-install! Making work on an installation much more efficient.

Products in Focus

Nano 2 Relay Tree

An intelligent little relay for smart home and commercial properties – suitable for all switching tasks such as shading, lighting, fans, pumps and more. With a compact design housing two potential-free relays, and with current flow detection, the Nano 2 Relay Tree provides flexibility so you don’t have to wire anything that you need to switch back to the panel.

Nano DI Tree

The Loxone Nano DI Tree fits into almost any backbox. It features 6 24V DC digital inputs that can be used to control a variety of non-safety critical functions. This makes it ideal for integrating any switch or button, door and window contacts, and more into any Loxone project with the obvious added benefit of Tree technology.

Valve Actuator Tree

The Valve Actuator Tree is perfect for implementing intelligent temperature control on a room-by-room basis while offering our Partners an inherent ease-of-install. Previously, one data cable would be required per actuator…but now just a single run of Loxone Tree Cable to a manifold can deliver takes care of both power and data. The margin of error with individual cable runs is pretty much eliminated. Plus, LED status lights on each actuator indicate at a glance whether the valve is open to closed.

LED Lighting with Tree

Our quality LED Spots and elegant light fittings boast exceptional specifications making them impressively suitable for varying lighting design requirements. As a Loxone Partner, our Tree lighting products, in particular, offer a distinct advantage: they do not need to be wired in circuits during the installation. All Tree lighting products are individually addressable, which means you can create and edit lighting groups within Loxone Config. This not only increases the options for your customer but also streamlines planning and installation.

Tree Cable

A single cable for all Tree products – it’s as great as it sounds. The Loxone Tree cable handles all communication between Tree products as well as supplying power to periphery devices. The 200m long, high-quality copper cable (LSZH) comes in a practical cardboard box for ease-of-use on site. Standardised colour-coding of pairs consistent with colour coding on Tree products reduces the margin for error on an install. The cable consists of 2×1.5mm² orange/white, 2×0.6mm orange/white and 2×0.6mm green/white.

Products in Focus

Loxone Partners are important to us, and we work to support you in commissioning projects. One such way is by providing valuable information about our products. For this reason, we’ll be regularly providing content like this to offer information at a glance that may very well be perfect for your next installation. If you have any questions about these and other products, please do get in touch with your Partner Coach.