Autopilot Living At Europe’s First Smart Showhome

Tyron Cosway
21st July 2016 in Case Studies

It is difficult to put into words how great our latest idea, Autopilot Living, actually is. You have to experience it for yourself to truly understand what it is like to have a Loxone Smart Home take care of thousands of tasks around the home for you, meaning you have less to worry about. It’s an intelligent system, designed to offer efficient living without the fuss, that can be seamlessly incorporated into your home.

Loxone Smart Showhome

We now have a space where Autopilot Living can be showcased in all its glory. That space is the Loxone Showhome, the first in Europe, and the doors are now open for you to experience it. We’d like to invite you to immerse yourself into the wonders of the Autopilot Living world by visiting the Loxone Showhome.


Martin Öller & Thomas Moser, CEOs & Founders of Loxone

Discover more about the Showhome online. This Loxone Smart Home is a perfect example of how Autopilot Living works seamlessly with a modern and aesthetically pleasing interior; opening up a world of possibilities.

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Smart Showhome at Night