NEW: Automatic blinds

Lucinda Wood
19th April 2011 in Technology

Now the season is coming in which there is great need for good sun-shading.

Controlling blinds and sun-shading is not new to us. The point is to control them in dependence on different factors. And controlling them automatically.

In my house there is a big glass front facing south. This gives me a fantastic view and it helps me keep my house warm. But the glass front needs to be shaded in the warm season so that the sun won’t heat up the room too much.

So we started working on a function which stops the rays of the sun from entering, at the same time not interrupting the view and letting a maximum amount of light into the room. Shading only when necessary, else unimpaired view over the beautiful landscape.

The solar constant that needs to be regulated is on average 1367 W/m² (vertical to the screen). Big windows also give you a lot of energy for your room.

The result of our work:

  • Automatic calculation of the sun’s position in dependence on geographic coordinates (also available as variables).
  • New block automatic blinds.
  • automatic-blind

Picture: An example for automatic blinds with button control and automatic privacy shield upon nightfall.

Functions of automatic blinds

  • Release function (can be used to switch between summer/winter mode).
  • Auto mode activation (recommended in dependence on room temperature and sunshine).
  • Automatic deactivation when adjusted manually during shading (e.g. your baby is having its afternoon nap, you want the room to be dark – simply press T2, automatic mode will not change any settings on this day).
  • Many individual settings adjustable (you can adjust everything, but you don’t have to set anything!).
  • Also usable without weather information.

Best use the new functions starting with the next software update on all facades on which you need sun protection.