App Update for iPhone & iPad bringing camera support and more!

Philipp Schuster
10th May 2012 in Technology

Just in time for the release of Loxone 3.5, we’ve got a new app for iPhone and iPad ready for you. Download the apps now from the app store to try out all the new and exciting features.


An overview of what’s new:

In combination with Loxone 3.5, these app updates will provide some completely new functions for your Loxone system.

Door control: See who’s at the door with your iPhone or iPad!

You can now get the sound and picture from a network-compatible camera in the Loxone app – allowing you to keep an eye on what’s happening around your house. If the app’s running in the background, you’ll be alerted when anyone rings the doorbell. With the right intercom you can then speak to your visitor – even remotely!

More information about setting up door control >

Password protect the user interface: More security for your home

Using a user-interface password you can protect certain functions – such as opening a door or turning off the alarm – with a secondary password or PIN that has to be entered in the app.

Improved garage door control with status display

Support for garage door control has been extended, and the updated app now shows the actual position of the door (like it does for blind control).

Countless other improvements

The apps are now faster and more stable. We’ve tweaked lots of little details, like adding the ability to order lists how you want and improving the way switches are shown, which makes the apps even more intuitive to use.

Don’t have a Loxone System yet?

Even if you don’t have Loxone installed yet, you can still try out our apps by connecting to our Demo Miniserver. Just download the app from the AppStore and select “Connect to Demo Miniserver”.