Update: Loxone Smart Home App 7.2 & Loxone Smart Home App for MacOS with enhanced Spotify integration!

Lucinda Wood
14th December 2016 in Technology

2016 is already almost in the history books and the Christmas holidays are on the doorstep. What better way to sail into the season of festivities than with music? Over the past few weeks, our developers have been working flat out to bring you an even better smart home music experience.

Improved Playlist Functionality

We are constantly developing the Loxone Smart Home, from increasing our product range to adding features to our app. We always strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use and enjoy their homes, which is why, this time around, we’ve worked hard to streamline the way you play music in your home. In the latest Loxone Smart Home App release, you can now edit, re-add, or delete your Playlists from Spotify or from your library.

Change playlists directly in the Loxone Smart Home app:

Managing your smart home playlists has never been so easy:

  • Create new playlists directly in the Loxone Smart Home app and delete existing playlists with a tap.


  • Edit existing Spotify playlists, easily add new tracks, change order, or delete songs.


  • Add your songs to playlists from anywhere in the Music Server Zones view.

Full Spotify Integration

Switching between multiple apps is a thing of the past.
With the Loxone Music Server, there’s no need to switch between the Loxone and Spotify apps; in our latest app release, you’ll be able to search for song titles, create, edit and delete playlists, and much more:

  • Spotify Playlists are easy to create and manage in the Loxone Smart Home app, thanks to full Spotify integration.
  • The best bit? Any changes you make will be immediately synchronised with your Spotify account, so there’s no waiting around.

Improved management of your favourite music server zones

Your favourites for your music server zones can now be directly set and customised in the favourites overview. In addition, you can set music sources as a favourite for all your zones at once, and you no longer need to do this zone-by-zone.

Always up to date – thanks to notifications

Loxone Smart Home App 7.2 will immediately be notified of new updates for your Smart Home. This will keep you up-to-date with new versions for your Miniserver.

These and all other new features can be found, as always, in our changelog.

Brand new: The Loxone Smart Home App now for MacOS

The new Loxone Smart Home App for MacOS allows you to quickly access the most important functions in your Smart Home, conveniently from your Mac.

Similar to the Quick Actions on iOS, you can set up individual commands or functions in the app to operate your Smart Home.

Also use your Mac as a presence detector.* For example, your Loxone Smart Home can automatically extend the time window for heating and lighting if it notices you’re still working.

* This function requires the presence block in your configuration. Please contact your Loxone Partner to enable this feature.

New: Offline Updater for your Music Server

With the new Offline Update Version for your Music Server, you can update your Music Server without an internet connection.

Download the update file, connect with your Music Server in your local network. Upload file. Done.

Your Loxone Partner will be glad to assist you

Download the latest app versions now for Android and iOS. Need some help? Your Loxone Partner will be pleased to assist you with the update.

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