“Always forward” – Loxone makes waves in Australia

Lucinda Wood
16th March 2018 in Backstage

Australia is home to unique wildlife. The curious duckbill and the cuddly-looking koala are just two examples. There are even two animals adorning the national emblem: a kangaroo and an emu. Although the kangaroo might seem an obvious choice, there’s a good reason why these two animals in particular grace the coat of arms: neither can run backwards. Since Australia’s motto is “Always Forward”, they perfectly symbolise the Australian pursuit of progress.

Just like the Australian national coat of arms, our brand new distributor, Union Home Automation, is fiercely driven by progress. The company from the Australian capital, Canberra, is led by CEO, Simon Metcalfe.

Loxone Australien - Wappen

Over 24 hours and 10,000 miles…
the longest ever journey to Loxone Training!

Simon Metcalfe wanted to automate his home. Dissatisfied with what he found on offer in Australia, he began to look further afield. It was then he came across Loxone.

Loxone Australien - Simon Metcalfe

In 2014, we started to renovate a house from the 1960s from the ground up. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to create a smart home. However, I quickly realised that there were hardly any solutions on the market that could easily control certain core functions in the house and that were affordable at the same time. The remaining solutions were then either too complex, not expandable, too complicated to use or needed a specialist to implement. Then I came across Loxone…

Enthusiastic about the possibilities, the IT specialist made the decision to get to know our system better. He braved the long flight(s) to the UK and travelled over 10,000 miles to attend the Loxone Expert Training in Reading in 2016. He became one of the first Loxone Partners in the sixth largest country on earth.

Loxone Australien - Basecamp

I was particularly impressed by how easy it is to plan and implement a smart home with Loxone. Thanks to the free Loxone Config and the ability to integrate many Loxone and third-party products, the system is the perfect foundation for a flexible and modular smart home system. Another great aspect is that it is so easy and intuitive to control for the user.

Frodo who?

When you think of epic fictional journeys, Sam and Frodo’s journey in Lord of the Rings is usually up there. Interestingly though, their journey was 1350 miles, several thousand short of Simon’s (although Simon did fly and didn’t have to survive on Lembas). Someone who was willing to travel such a distance to learn more about Loxone was quite the story in our Basecamp.

Impressed, we contacted Simon. Despite the geographical differences between the Australian outback and the rolling Austrian hills of Kollerschlag, our visions were aligned and Simon has become one of only three official Loxone distributors (the other two are in Hungary and Norway).

Australian Open

Simon plays an immensely important role in helping expand Loxone in Australia. Under the motto “Australian Open”, Simon is our door-opener for Down Under, as he himself understands the challenges of building a Loxone Smart Home on the opposite of the world.

Loxone Australien - Lieferzeit

With delivery times of 3-4 weeks to Australia, every order took a long time to arrive. Last minute orders were just unthinkable.

Loxone Australien - MRA

In order to send goods to Australia, a local representative is required, in accordance with the Mutual Recognition Agreement between Australia and the European Union.

Loxone Australien - Zeitverschiebung

Not only that, but the time difference of up to 11 hours presented a big challenge for our support teams in Europe. Customers in Australia can now look forward to faster and more convenient access to technical support.

As an official distributor, with its own warehouse and its own support department, Union Home Automation solves all of these challenges. In addition to 25 million Australians, the dream of living in a Real Smart Home has come within reach of nearly 5 million New Zealanders, too.

Of course, such a feat would not be possible for one man alone. Together with his brother and his wife, Simon has now completely dedicated himself to the Real Smart Home from Loxone.

Our goal is to establish Loxone in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We believe that Loxone is the perfect product to fill the existing gap between simple island solutions and unaffordable high-end solutions, enabling everyone to live in a true smart home.

OK, admittedly – despite the great story, the chance of a new, smart Australian coat of arms is probably relatively low. However, we’re sure that Simon will provide the red continent with many green spots and we are looking forward to many Real Smart Homes Down Under!

Find out more about the Real Smart Home

If Simon’s story impressed you as much as us, why not find out more about becoming a Loxone Smart Home installer”? Register for the Loxone Expert Training or visit one of our Info Sessions – no need to travel 10,000 miles!