Loxone Press resources

Loxone Security

5 Images

Photos representing security in a Loxone Smart Home,

Loxone Smart Home

18 images

High-res mages of various reference projects and in-situ examples

Loxone Logo, Factsheet and Brochure

4 Items

This pack includes the Loxone Logo, the latest Factsheet with information about the company, as well the official Loxone Brochure

Loxone Products

18 images

Download a collection of images showcasing Looxne Products, including the LED Pendulum Slim and Touch Pure.

Loxone management

13 Images

Loxone CEOs, Thomas Moser, Rüdiger Keinberger & Martin Öller.

Loxone Smart Home app - mockups


Images of the Loxone Smart Home App mockups and in situ pictures with an iPhone X and iPhone 6S, an iPad, and Apple Watch.
NOTE: Both download files are the same. It includes a combination of images prepared for web or for print. Please ensure that the correct format is used for your medium.

Loxone Showhome

18 Images

A first for Europe, this is the Loxone Showhome. Opened in June 2016 in Kollerschlag - this is a live-in 360° smart home.

Loxone Basecamp

12 Images

Images from our head office in Kollerschlag, Austria - known as the Loxone Basecamp.

Guidelines for using press resources

Official employees of the press and Loxone Partners are welcome to use pictures and photos from our Press Resources section – for print and web – free of charge. We ask you to use pictures in their original form unchanged. For all images you use, the source ‘Loxone’ must be included in the caption.